WWE Raw Preview : Estimation, big announcments can take place for TLC

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 09, 2019
WWE Raw Preview : Estimation, big announcments can take place for TLC
The stove is about to be fired because the things are getting even hotter to beef up the matter and to make more interesting. However, you have gone through some of the big official about tonight show "Monday Night Raw. Tonight will show a pop-up match between Rey and AJ Styles for the United States Championship and a piece of paper and pen to close the history of two promises( Resev and Lana).

let me get you for something which for I have dragged your attention

The first thing can happen tonight_according to our prediction the live divorce event can take a turn over because nothing has been coming to meet them to set the thing. A few days ago Rusev was to be arrested for breaking a restraining order, ordered b Lana but Bobby and Lana got arrested instead and which is why I am predicting that consequently, Raw will decide a stipulation match between Rusev and Bobby Lashley at TLC.

It's now official that Rey Mysterio is set to defend his title against AJ Styles and where Styles expected to get his title back but this too could bring about a shock of the day. it is expected that the on-going rivalry between AJ Styles and Randy Orton may get gear to increase the rivalry and which could decide a United States Championship match between AJ Styles and Randy Orton at TLC.

Nothing is letting down the rivalry between AOP, Kavin Owens, and Seth Rollins. last week you imagined that how AOP were getting a chance to beat down, Kevin Owens. This rivalry may set standing for a match at TCL.

Charllote Flair has been looking forward for a tag team partner against Kabuki Warriors so to have a chance to win a match aginst them. The rumors are rounding up that Becky lynch may tag with Charllote and may set a WWE Tag-Team championship match against Kabuki Warriors at TLC.

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