WWE Raw | Randy Orton Viciously Attacks Helpless Matt Hardy On Raw

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 18, 2020
WWE Raw | Randy Orton Viciously Attacks Helpless Matt Hardy On Raw
Welcome to Anfostar_The Monday Night Raw kicked off with the first entry from thrilling Randy Orton, Fans went to louder their boo as he entered the ring. He went towards the fans side who shown him to get down. He stood tall in the ring and apparently pointed out the big screen to show up what happened last week when he came to address the audience, he attacked Matt Hardy with applying RKO.

He took the mic and spoke out that Tonights he supposed to face Matt Hardy in No Holds Barred Match and he promises this is not gonna happen again on what happened last week. Meanwhile, he was interrupted by Matt Hardy who was wearing protection around his neck. He said tonight he is not ready to face you as he was declared by doctors. He said he will still fight with you. Randy Orton said he not only respect Edge but he loves him like a brother. Then dropped the mic and headed towards the ring. Randy stopped at the end of the stage and turned himself back to Hardy. Matt was prepared to face Randy with Matt Hardy.

Randy was about to get a sneak attack by Matt with Chair but Randy instead puled him down from the rope. Randy Orton prepared to launch RKO on Matt Hardy and then back to back hits with steel chairs. Matt Hardy was lying helpless in the ring. Randy got down off the ring but there was something to be set off. He went upward again and stiped the neck protection to hit Matt with a chair but he stopped himself from doing this.

Randy Orton went down but instantly rush again followed by Randy Orton towards Matt and he pulled Matt from the ring and set him off to the ring stairs to hit him on the damaged neck. The referee tried to split them off but nothing could not stop The Viper to hit once again to the largest hit from chair.

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