WWE Raw Results Dec. 16, 2019, recap, Randy Orton to battle against AJ Styles

Anfostar Team Tue Dec 17, 2019
WWE Raw Results Dec. 16, 2019, recap, Randy Orton to battle against AJ Styles
Welcome to Anfostar, having live results for Monday Night Raw. We are live from Bon Secours Wellness Arean, Greenville, SC. AJ Styles and Randy Orton will go one-on-one.

Here we go!!

The show took an impressive reflection of Seth Rollins of last Monday. He promised to push back. He turned the fiction in fact. the music hit and here came Seth Rollins. He said, "let me introduce the two guys who have chosen to live side by side with me". He came to AOP. He said that Seth is the future and he is visionary of the next decades. defeated Brock Lasner not once but twice that's I am called to be a leader. Rollins said being a leader isn't about being cool and making the popular decisions, it's about making decisions for the sake of progress. That's not easy for everyone to understand and Kevin Owens is a perfect example of that, what happened to Owens last week was tragic but he did it to himself. "Owens resisted and became an example," I tell you the truth and that should be done I am the leader you are coming by hook or by crook, he said he will drag us kicking and screaming into 2020 vision. He will impose his will. If you resist, AOP will enforce my will, Rollins said there's something else he needs to address with everyone tonight. last but not least he said sorry to the Entire Arean in advance for what they are gonna do today, and they went off.

Tag-Team Match

The Viking Riders Vs O.C.

First of it happened to be Viking Riders and then it was The O.C. on the stage. They shouted at the crowd saying shut up and listen who were booing on them. They called Viking Riders an ugly Tag Team and son of bi..t that we are the best Tag-Team in the world. The Viking Riders are witnessing into flying style. Ivar made a tag putting away the O.C. the alone man to cause a crash for both of them. The took down Erik and pinned Ival to get a victory on them. The OC proved again that why they are the best Tag-Team in the world.

Winner: the O.C., victory followed by pinfall

Erick Rowan vs. Dante Leon

Erick Rowan was on his way to the ring and was in the action next. Last Week he said Sarah Schreiber that mind her business. We saw Rowan walking backstage with the cage now. it was the time to get away and a warning not to touch the cage because the Erick made it on the stage. still don't know what's in the cage. Dante tried to touch the cage to know what's in the cage. But got a blend of punch. and got a victory over him. we are still in the delusion what's in the cage

Winner: Erick Rowan, victory followed by pinfall

Lana and Bobby will be in celebrity mood next!! They are in the ring let me allow you relive the history of last time at TLC she said my boyfriend pushed Rusev on the table and became the winner. She said my boyfriend is so handsome I get butterfly in my stomach when I see you_ Fans chanted Rusev Day!! and they shut the entire Arena saying that give a little bit respect to them. Subsequently, Lana put out the ring to purpose Bobby. It was a little bit scary for a while when he said I don't like someone who says me to do something_Lana looked worried but instantly he said I like no one expect you and went on the knee to purpose her. and this is how they ended it. Now they are officially engaged

a Gauntlet Match between Humberto Carrillo, R-Truth, Ricochet, Andrade, Tozawa, and Matt Hardy to determine a new #1 contender to Rey Mysterio

R-Truth on the ring everybody "says what's up!" he said I am being inspired by John Cena by my childhood, I saw him making the US challenge, so just like that I going to win US title and will be two belts which I will hold to the Wrestlemania. that's why he will become the first-ever WWE United States European 24/7 1-95 Down South Television Champion, and "there may have been a few more names thrown in there. Match kicked off which brought Tozawa first in the ring where he eliminated R-Truth. The defeat made out Ricochet to be in the ring.

The bell rang and what a dropkick by Ricochet. Tozawa back in the action pulling him to the panic harm but it was cut short for him as Ricochet. put a great submission went for the cover 1, 2...kicked out, Garman Suplex by Tozawa to Ricochet went for the cover but that was not ultimate. Superkick connected and Ricochet eliminated Tozawa. The next contender was Matt Hardy

matt was using everything that he got to fight against him. Ricochet tried to roll back in the match by using a dropkick on Matt. a continues domination by Ricochet but suddenly Matt pinned by having a close line but was kicked out. He went for another clash by climbing on the top of the ring but went to miss as Ricochet launched shutting Start. Ricochet for the high fly but missed that Matt utilized his actions by dominating over Ricochet. It was all for the short as Ricochet eliminated Matt.

Next it came out Humberto Carrillo using an instant pin in the quest of victory but all set not for so easy for him. Rey Mysterio was watching all the contenders fighting in the ring. It was interesting to see that who would face Rey Mysterio whether it was in both of them. Humberto Carrillo kept pressuring on him. by back to back pin, Ricochet somehow able to get back in the match..look who has got to be entering in the stage and It was no other than Zalina watching both of them very closely. Ricochet jumped high over the rope out of dashing Humberto, Referee counted till 8 and they both got back in the ring. One of the greatest moves in the wrestling, Suplex which was used by Ricochet. both were looking exhausted and somehow unbelievable none was lame to lose the match. Ricochet was eliminated by Humberto. Next, Andrade made it out but not from the front but attacking him from the back. it looked that he was taking it very personally, a crosse kick by Andrade out of the hard place.

He was unable to move, seeing this destruction Rey Mysterio appeared on the stage pushing Andrade back out of the Arena. Humberto still lame to get back in the match and that's how the contest was called out to be of no result. Humberto took away by the doctors, meanwhile, Seth Rollins came out with AOP and a stick which Rey gave to Kevin Owens to beat down Seth Rollins and suddenly started beating him down. Seth said this is the stick you resolved to give Kevin Owens to beat me. He said tonight is his lucky night, he's going to spare Rey. Rollins says Rey owes him one for this He then turned his face to the rame but not without delivering a Stomp on Rey to keep him down.

Seth Rollins were waling backstage with AOP then he was questioned that what he thought of attacking Rey Mysterio. He said look I am the leader of the Raw and I have some score to settle with him and the more interesting is that I am going to challenge Rey for the United States Championship, and they went away.

Singles Match

Asuka vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Winner: Asuka, victory followed by submission

After the match we Becky Lynch with Charly who waged a question asking that you lose to The Kabuki Warriors on TLC so how do you think about that Becky fessed up to say she's been off and not herself for the past few months as she was put into the tag team division. She thought at first that the powers that be were trying to bury her, but it's worse - they're trying to protect her Lynch said she needs Asuka because Asuka is the one person she hasn't been able to beat. Asuka has had her number but she needs that to change, not for the company or the title, but because Lynch needs to prove something to herself. The interview ends.

Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

Both ready to kick out each other. AJ pushed him out of the ring back to Randy Orton in order to attack Him. But Randy got the back energy and started damaging AJ's hand. Randy prepared for his move but went on the fail as AJ grabbed him to the submission. Randy unable to move from the grab, finally he pushed by touching the rope, Randy Orton went out of the crawling near to the barricade, Styles went forth quickly to slip down Randy Orton to the ground.

Styles was still on the attack and putting pressure on him. Suddenly Randy dropped him to the ring post. And the tide was on for Randy Orton. He was having a right leg injury caused by AJ. He was hardly able to move. Entire Arena was cheering for The Viper. He took AJ on the top post for turnbuckle but witnessed a failure. AJ continued to damaging Randy's right leg. He got ready for AJ clash but immediately Randy launched DTD on Styles. When Styles was on the top rope for the AJ clash meanwhile Randy Orton went for RKO on AJ Styles and that's how he let him be on the ground with defeat After the match, The OC came suddenly running the ringside and started attacking Randy which forced The Viking Riders to come in the ring to beat down them and the clash began but still, OC was the best by standing at outmost of them. They stood tall in the ring in order to raise their hands in the honor of beating them and with this Raw went off the air.

Winner: Randy Orton, victory followed by pinfall

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