WWE Raw Results July 6, 2020: Full Results, Coverage, Winners, Highlights

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jul 07, 2020
WWE Raw Results July 6, 2020: Full Results, Coverage, Winners, Highlights
Monday Night Raw continues to tap live from WWE Performance Center as The Horror Show at Extreme Rules takes a little approach.

We are just 2 weeks away from the huge event of the month The Horror Show at Extreme Rules which is all set to drive our attention at July 19 from WWW Performance Center. Tonight on Raw SmackDown Tag-Team and SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley will go one-on-one with Raw Women's Champion Asuka in a champion Vs. Champion match.

Annnouced Card

Bayle Vs. Asuka to happen in a Champion Vs. Champion match

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre likey to put the stipulation ahead of their match at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Alester Black & Rey Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy[Tag-Team Match]

Randy Orton, Andrade & Angel Garza Vs. The Big Show & The Viking Raiders[Six-man tag-team match

Kevin Owens to host KO show with Seth Rollins as the special guest.

Live Coverage Starts Here

Cole welcome us to the tonight's Raw, he introduced tonight's matches.

We kicked the things off with Drew McIntyre walking down into the ring to put the stipulation. Drew put some stipulation, first with Cage match and then with No Holds Barred Match but he let the things go on Dolph Ziggler. Drew McIntyre called out Dolph Zigger to put the stipulation. Dolph Ziggler made his way out as he stood at the entrance. Dolph Ziggler did not let the stipulation to be revlead as he called it as the secret. They both went for the trash-talking. Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler introduced Heath Slater.

This was supposed to be his last night on Raw. He inter the ring. He went on to praise Drew McIntyre calling him as his brother. Where were you for me, Heath Slater asked the question to Drew McIntyre. He said, I was with you there, but you were not there with me. I want you to give me what I deserve. Heath Slater meanwhile, shoved Drew McIntyre and landed a slap asking Drew McIntyre what about now. Drew McIntyre took the mic and approved the match saying you are on.

Singles Match

Drew McIntyre Vs. Heath Slater

They both were set off into the ring as the bail rang, Heath Slater took some shots but immediately got the Claymore kick to win the match.

Winner : Drew McIntyre, via pinfall

After the match Dolph Ziggler entered to the ring and had some trash-talking with Heath Slater, we saw Heath Slater shoved Dolph Ziggler and they involved in a brawl in the ring. Drew McIntyre once again back to the ring to make the save for Heath Slater. Dolph fled from the ring.

We saw Asuka backstage saying that she is alone here tonight against Bayley[Sasha Banks].

We were back into the ring with Sasha Banks and Bayley to the ring. Bayley took the mic and went on to introduce themselves. They each other bragged about being the champion. Bayley said, at Extreme Rules, she is going to defend her title against Nikki Cross but do you think she can defeat, no she can't[Bayley said this]. Sasha Banks also said that she is going to have Asuka out at Extreme Rules and become Sasha 2 belts. They had an interruption from Asuka. She had some talk and went on to introduce Kairi Sane against Sasha Banks in a Singles match.

Singles Match

Sasha Banks Vs. Kairi Sane

They both set off into the ring, as the bail rang, Kairi Sane with some chief shots taking Sasha Banks into the ring post, Sasha Banks handled the situation taking the right shots back on Kairi. Sasha Banks looked for more damages but this time Kairi was much prepared to take down Sasha Banks with a shot on her chest. Kairi Sane hung out at Sasha Banks, we saw Sasha Banks rolling up Kairi Sane but kicked out. Now, Sasha Banks dropped Kairi and had some trash-Taking with Asuka. Bayley also joined the talk, Asuka with a shove to take down Bayley, Kairi Sane from behind to take out Sasha Banks out of the ring with a kick, and then she a landed another kick on Bayley and Sasha Banks driving them back to the barricade.

Back from the commercial break, Kairi Sane landing the shots, Sasha Banks with Backbreaker and then set off Kairi Sane into the middle of the ring post for Double Knee. She then went for Submission move but Kairi was able to get out of the lock. Sasha was just toeing with Kairi Sane. Sasha Banks once again went for Double Knee but Kairi Sane ducked landing a shot on Sasha Banks. Kairi Sane went for back to back two Block Bluster and then a Spear for the cover but kicked out at two.

Sasha Banks fired back with Double knee for the cover but kicked out two, Banks went to the top of the ring for the jump but this time Kairi Sane would make the save and landed a shot on Sasha Banks, Kairi Sane went for the submission, Bayley from behind attacking Kairi Sane as well as made the referee call out the match with Kairi Sane as the winner via DQ.

Winner : Kairi Sane, via DQ

The show continued to go up as Bayley and Sasha Banks were dominating over Asuka. Suddenly, Kairi Sane up to the top rope with an Insane Elbow to take down Bayley and Banks.

We were back into the ring Kevin Owens back into the ring, Kevin Owens had all the chairs out of the ring and went on to call him on in the ring. Seth Rollins with Murphy walked down. Seth Rollins asked Kevin Owens why he wiped out all the chairs from the ring. Seth Rollins asked Kevin Owens for his injury that he got during their match at WrestleMania 36. Kevin Owens had something to give Seth Rollins and it was a T-Shirt that shows KO Mania.

Seth Rollins threw the T-Shirt out and said, Tonight he is not here for Ko show but he finding KO to introduce Medically cleared Rey Mysterio. Seth Rollins had some more trash-Talking. Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio interrupted Seth Rollins coming out with his son Dominik. Seth Rollins asked Rey that who would he team up with as Aleister Black was found injured backstage. Seth Rollins asked Rey if he is gonna take his son to his side, Meanwhile, Kevin Owens made the claim to join Rey Mysterio and talked about a stipulation for Extreme Rules.

Murphy from behind attacking Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio also joined them as we went for the commercial break.

Tag-Team Match

Seth Rollins & Murphy Vs. Rey Mysterio & Kevin Owens

Back from the commercial break, as Rey Mysterio was ripping Murphy apart going back and forth, Rey Mysterio with a jump to take down Murphy for the cover, Rey with a tag to Kevin Owens, who did not let Murhpy have the tag with Seth Rollins, Murphy with an elbow to Kevin and found the way to make the tag with Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens with a massive shot to take out Seth. Both the team changed the tag, Rey and Murphy fought off, Rey Mysterio with a shot and went for 619 but Murphy backed from the ring making the save.

Seth Rollins and Murphy had the confrontation with Dominik as Seth Rollins shoved him driving to the barricade, Rey and Kevin made the save for further cause, Murphy and Seth Rollins got back into the ring as Rey and Kevin checked Dominik.

Back from the break, Seth Rollins taking the rough shots on Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins with Ankele lock, Kevin Owens got out with a kick to Murphy who stood at the apron, Seth Rollins once again with a shot to take down Kevin Owens leaving no way out for him. Seth Rollin went up for the Sliding knee but Kevin Owens instead with Superkick and had the tag with Rey Mysterio. Murphy also made the ring with a tag, Murphy shoulder first into the ring post, Seth Rollins from behind but Rey instead took Seth Rollins for 619.

Suddenly, Seth Rollins caught Dominik from behind, the music hit as Aleister Black out of nowhere making the save, Dominik, appeared taking Murphy's eys for the cause, Kevin Owens drove Seth Rollins into the barricade, Rey into the ring with a Frog Splash for the cover to win the match.

Winners : Kevin Owens & Rey Mysterio, via pinfall

After the match Rey took the mic and chooses An Eye for an eye match at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Now, they Rey Mysterio will take on Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules.

Tag-Team Match

MVP & Bobby Lashley Vs. Ricochet & Alexander

MVP and Bobby Lashley entered the ring and MVP introduced a new look of US Championship, calling himself as the new US champion. Meanwhile, Ricochet & Alexander interrupted them calling out for a match. Bobby Lashley would have his Spear to win the match.

Winners : MVP & Bobby Lashley, via pinfall

Tag-Team Match

Randy Orton, Andrade & Angel Garza Vs. The Big Show & The Viking Raiders

Both the teams stood tall into the ring, the bail rang as Big Show and Angel Garza kicked the things off as for the first, Big Show with a huge chop to Angel driving him into the turnbuckle, Angle with some shots but once again Big Show took him for the chops letting Ivar to be into the ring. The Viking Raiders worked as the team to bring more shots on Angel, Big Show with a tag entered the ring, Big with an eye look at Randy Orton and drove Angel into the turnbuckle, Big Show with a tag to Ivar, Angel somehow made the tag with Andrade.

Meanwhil, we saw Angel and Andrade were having quarrel into the ring, Randy Orton turned violent and he thought to leave the ring, Angel meet him at the ramp, Randy Orton caught Angel from his throat driving him back to the barricade.

Back from the break, Eric and Angel Garza were taking the fight up, Angel with a tag to Randy Orton who took some shots on Eric into the turnbuckle and let Andrade to be in the ring. Andrade with a kick for the cover but kicked out at two. Angel and Andrade went to change the tags once and again.

Big Show back into the ring talking rough shots on Andrade, Randy Orton out of nowhere looking for the RKO but Big Show saved himself. Big Show looked for the Chockslame but Andrade escaped from the move. Big Show once again dominated Andrade, Erik and Ivar were on the stick now, Suddenly, Andrade and Angel took out Big Show out of the ring, Eric and Ivar took some shots on Andrade and Angel but meanwhile, Randy Orton would make the tag landing an RKO on Erik for the cover to win the match.


Winners : Randy Orton, Andrade & Angel Garza, via pinfall

Singles Match

Billie Kay Vs. Ruby Riott

Ruby Riott walked down into the ring to face off Kay who also followed the entrance with Royce. Both set in the ring as the bail rang. Billie Kay with a kick taking down Ruby Riott looking for the early win, Ruby Riott fired back landing some shots but she got the distraction from Royce which let Ruby lose the match, Billie Kay with her move for the cover to win the match.

Winner : Billie Kay, via pinfall

We were backstage with Bayley and Sahsa Banks, As it was made official by Sasha Banks that they will defend their titles against Asuka and Kairi Sane next week on Raw.

Champion Vs. Champion Match

Bayle Vs. Asuka

Nikki Cross joined the commentary box. Bayley with Sasha Banks entered the ring following her match against Asuka, The music hit as we welcomed Kairi Sane into the ring. The bail rang, as Asuka drove Bayley with her shoulder, Asuka looked for the armbar but Bayley escaped from there, making the way out of the ring, Asuka looked for the kick but Bayley would instead drive her leg into the ring post, Bayley faced Nikki Cross and landed the right hand waging the war against her. Nikki Cross looked for the savage but stopped by the officials. Meanwhile, Asuka took the advantage to have big right hand on Bayley.

Back from the break, Bayley running rough hands-on Asuka, Bayley with cover hooked the leg but kicked out at two, Bayley sent Asuka into the turnbuckle taking some shots, Bayley with a clutch and dashed down Asuka. Bayley had the distraction from Kairi Sane, Bayley followed Kairi but Asuka out of nowhere with a Superkick and got her back into the ring for the cover, hooked the leg but kicked out at two. Asuka with a Dropkick for another cover buy victory, Bayley found herself out of the ring, Asuka also went through following Bayley, this time Bayley caught Asuka for the offenses. Taking back and forth, Bayley took Asuka back into the ring for the cover but kicked out at two. Once again Bayley and Asuka fought off outside of the ring, Bayley with a big drop sending Asuka into the commentary box, Bayley relaxed at the commentary box.

The match continued after the commercial break, as Bayley was dominating over Asuka with rough shots. Bayley caught her from behind, Asuka tried to get out with elbow attack but once again Bayley drove her into the ring post. Bayley was landing everything she could do in order to defeat Asuka, Bayley with the humiliation on Asuka which enraged her to strick over Bayley, Asuka with Double knee right to the face of Bayley, she was cheered up as anther Dropkick and then a German suplex. Asuka whipped Bayley with Hip attack for the cover but kicked out at two. Asuka looked for another shot, but this time Bayley caught her at the apron. Asuka somehow got out of the lock and landed a huge right hand on Bayley as well as taking her out of the ring.

Asuka at the rope, as Bayley into the ring, Asuka with a Dropkick to Bayley to have the cover but kicked out at two. They both fought off at the apron, where Bayley dashed her down with a kick and then sent her through the barricade, Bayley sent Asuka in the ring, Bayley now faced Kairi Sane, Bayley with a shot to take down Kairi, we saw Kairi Sane tried to back up into the match.

Suddenly, we saw Nikki Cross appearing to the other side of the barricade making the distraction for Bayley, Asuka would get Bayley for Asuka Lock looking for the win but Bayley once defended it, Sasha Banks came up for the save but got kicked out by Kairi Sane, Asuka with a roll to win the match.

Winner : Bayley, via pinfall

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