WWE Raw Results June 15, 2020: Full Recap, Coverage, Winners, Highlights,

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 16, 2020
WWE Raw Results June 15, 2020: Full Recap, Coverage, Winners, Highlights,
After an OGM attaining of WWE Backlash, we will be live for Monday's war that continues to hold from WWE Performance Center. WWE Backlash was just more in Exclamation then what we expected before.

Tonight's Read brand concludes invitation for Rey Mysterio and his son from Seth Rollins who last week provoked his Rey's to get along the ring. Tonight Rey and his son get a confrontation with Seth Rollins.

Bobby Lashley went on to challenge Drew McIntyre for WWE Championship match at WWE Backlash which was planned to air tomorrow night on the WWE Network Sunday, June 14, at 7 ET/4 PT. Lana became the distraction for Bobby Lashley costing him a match against Drew McIntyre.

There is no doubt that Bobby Lashley is furious and Lana finished after what we witnessed at WWE Backlash. Tonight We surely get to see a turmoil getting place between Lana and Bobby Lashey. A few ago it was being rumored that Bobby Lashley is gonna have the divorce with Lana. So, might be notable this Raw.

Pre-announced Schedule

Rey and his son Dominick Possibly get the confrontation with Seth Rollins

Bobby Lashley to question Lana for what she did last night on WWE Backlash.

Raw Women's championship rematch

Asuka Vs. Nia Jax

Tag-Team Match

Drew McIntyre & R-TruthVs. MVP & Bobby Lashley

Randy Orton to open Raw after winning The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever

Ric Flair to appear live tonight on Raw


Welcome to the viewing party to Anfostar Monday Night Raw live coverage.

Cole took to us to the remember about WWE Backlash event and went on to hype tonight Matches.

WE kicked off the things with The Viper walking down to the ring. Randy Orton flaunted his entrance. He took the mic and said "Last night at WWE Backlash He did the same what he had thought to do, he humiliated Edge and at the last he defeated. Orton said, "He stands here victorious after The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, which makes me the greatest wrestler ever, and I don't need a WWE Title to prove it!"

Edge called himself a Legend killer. Meanwhile, He was interrupted by Christine walking down to the ring. Christine took the shot on Randy Orton saying that

Edge is not done here. Randy Orton interrupted Christiane by laying down the challenge in an Unsanctioned match. Randy Orton then left off the ring.

However, Christene did not make any response but what was said by Randy Orton would force him to do so.

Angel Garza and Zalina Vega were backstage with Charly for the interview whereby Anglel fixed his match against Kevin Owens. Meanwhile, Andrade also appeared there to say good luck to Angel in not much likable way.

Singles Match

kevin Owens Vs. Angel Garza with Zalina Vega

Kevin Owens made his way up to the ring to face of Angel up next, We saw Angel and Zalina walking down to the ring. The Bail rang and Angel with sudden Knee strick but Kevin Owens ducked and had his own shots. Meanwhile, Andrade interrupted them, but Kevin Owens continued to have an attack on Angel as Andrade stood of the ring watching them down. Kevin Owens with a kick, sent Angel tossing through the ring. Andrade and Angel had some quarrel over there, Zalina left off the them all alone saying that She is sick of them.

Commercial Break***

After the break, Kevin Owens was chopping Angel Garza, Kevin looked to have his move into he turnbuckle but Angel would duck it to have the shots, Now Angel took on Kevin Owens, Andrade made a little bit distraction to Kevin Owens. Angel from behind attacking Kevin Owens, but soon Kevin Owens would have Stomp to win the match with 1,2,3 counts.

Winners: Kevin Owens, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Zalina Vega walked down to the ring in a furious mood, She warned them never to fight again each other. They left the ring.

Commercial Break***

We were back into the ring with Bobby Lashley and MVP into her ing to face off R-Truth and Drew McIntyre in a Tag-Team match. They entered the ring. MVP had something to say about last night's WWE Backlash. He went on to blam Lana for Bobby Lashley's loss to Drew McIntyre and called to her out to have the summary on it. Lana entered the ring and she even blamed MVP the man behind the loss. Lana told him to show her some respect when he talks to her because she is a woman.

Lana said they were on a hot streak, what happened?. Bobby Lashley meanwhile, called Lana to have the divorce. Lashley asked when was the last time she laced up her boots, or did anything that wasn't for likes on social media. He's sick and tired of her putting their private life on social media. He said Lana if she wanted to use her sex life for fame she would've slept with someone actually famous she put their sex tape out there so she could become someone famous. Maybe it would be Drew? Bobby interrupted and called Lana to have the divorce They left off the ring while, Lana was still in the ring in the shock.

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders were backstage and they faced a similar situation they faced during WWE Backlash. Akira once again reflected over there with Tall man. Ivar tried to make them response but The Street Profits stopped him.

Eight Men Tag-Team Match

The Street Profits & The Viking Raiders Vs. Akira Tozawa(with his teammates)

Winners: The Street Profits & The Viking Raiders, victory followed by pinfall

After the match, Akira with a tall man entered the ring and cover The Street Profits & The Viking Raiders for the fight with others as well. The mus hit and we welcomed Big Show into the ring to make save for The street Profits and The Viking Raiders from Akira and his men. They swept each and everyone from the ring.

Seth Rollins walked down into the ring to lead his message to Rey Mysterio. He went on to say the same things as he does past a few days. Seth said that Rey did not accept my invitation but he is happy because his son is coming here to make the response. Rey Mysterio reflected on the big screen and warned Seth not to touch his son. Seth Rollins offered Dominick to joined his team but Rey would make it clear that he is not joining Seth in weather way. Seth Rollins went knee down waiting for the response of the offer that he made.

Suddenly, Dominick from behind attacking Seth Rollins, he took down Seth Rollins and sent him through the steel stairs. Murphy and Austin rushed towards the ring to make the save, Dominick was covered into the ring, Murphy entered the ring but Dominick sent him out of the ring. Then Dominick went on to dodge everyone by going through the barricade making his way. Rey Mysterio took a deep breath.

Tag-Team Match

Liv Morgan & Natalya Vs. The IIconics

Liv Morgan & Natalya entered the ring to pick up their matchup against The IIconics. The bail rang, Natalya and Royce stared the rings off. Royce with a sudden attack on Natalya and made the tag with Key immediately, she ran rough shots on Natalya. somehow, Natalya made the tag with Liv Morgan. Liv Morgan with sudden roll-up on Key but the referee was busy handling Royce that's why key was able to kick out. Natalya came to make the save but The IIconics would send her out of the ring and had their move to win the match.

Winners: The IIconics, victory followed by pinfall

After the match The IIconics took the mic and laid down the challenge to Bayley and Sasha Banks for Tag-Team Championships match. Bayley and Sasha did not reflect though there.

Big Show and Christian were backstage talking about Randy Orton's challenge. Big Show was trying to make him think in the ring way.

Christine was on to the ramp, Charly rented asked about the recent challenge from Randy Orton. Christine said "Randy Orton disrespected me by calling him jealous and crowed. Christine said "if Randy Orton wants one more match with him then he got it. He left off from there.

Singles Match

Apollo Crews. Shelton Benjamin

Apollo Crews walked down to the ring to face off Shelton Benjamin. The bail rang, Shelton Benjamin with a drop to Apollo, cover but kicked out, Shelton Benjamin with big German Suplex and went for the cover but kicked out at two. Shelton Benjamin from behind with a lock, Apollo somehow, got out of the lock and landed a superkick to Shelton Benjamin. Apollo led an immediate Moonslault, he went for the cover but kicked out at two. Shelton Benjamin with a sudden roll but Apollo kicked it out and had rolled up Shelton Benjamin using heel tactics instead to win the match.

Winners: Apollo Crews, victory followed by pinfall

A past view of Nia Jax challenging Asuka and losing the match at WWE Backlash. Tonight she will have a rematch against Asuka.

Tag-Team Match(WWE Chapionshuip on the stake)

Drew McIntyre & R-Truth Vs. MVP & Bobby Lashley

Recently, interrupted Drew accepting MVP's challenge for the championship match, Drew got disagreed on it. but later, he got Drew more in trouble when he said only one championship is on the line tonight not his.

MVP & Bobby Lashley made their way up next, Drew McIntyre & R-Truth also followed the entrance. The announcer introduced them. The bail rang, Drew and Bobby Lashley kicked the things off with a hand lock, Drew pushed Bobby into the corner, they meet up for eye to eye contact, Drew with a big splash to take down Bobby Lashley.

Bobby turned the match to his side with some of this moves, Suddenly, Drew with Spinebuster to Bobby Lashley, for the cover but kicked out at two. Bobby somehow made the tag with MVP but could not harm Drew as he landed a big splash to MVP, Drew waited for Claymore kick but Truth from behind tapped on Drew's back making the tag. MVP with a sudden move to send Truth out of the ring. MVP let Bobby Lashley come in with a tag.

Commercial Break***

After the break, MVP was having shots on Truth, MVP turned the tag to Bobby Lashley, now, he was walking wild on Truth. MVP entered the ring with a tag, he went for the shots for a while, Truth with a sudden, Hip attack to MVP, Drew lit up for the tag and the Truth was able to make the ta with Drew McIntyre. MVP also made the tag with Bobby Lashley. Drew with a few punches, and sent him out of the ring.

MVP was in the ring whereby he got a Spinebuster from Drew, He went for the cover but Bobby Lashley interrupted the counter, Truth made the save but Bobby took him out, Bobby Lashley looked for the running shoulder, Truth ducked and let Bobby hit the stairs. In the ring, MVP with a quick roll-up but Drew instantly made his Claymore Kick for the cover, 1, but not Drew suddenly himself from the cover and let Truth take the opportunity to win the match. Truth atop the turnbuckle and jumped on MVP to win the match.

Winners: Drew McIntyre & R-Truth, victory followed by pinfall

Bayley and Sasha Banks entered the ring for Bayley's birthday celebration whereby they were faced by The IIconics. Bayley accepted the challenge that they will defend their titles against them.

Raw Women's championship rematch

Asuka Vs. Nia Jax

Nia Jax the challenger for Nia Jax walked down to the ring in a rematch against Asuka. We saw Asuka also making her way up to the ring. The bail rang. Asuka with a big drop, Nia Jax with sudden Closeline to take down Asuka. We saw Asuka getting Nia Jax into the Asuka lock but Nia got out of it. Asuka looked for the hip attack but instead hung middle in the ring rope. Nia looked for Samoa Drop but Asuka with a good move grabbing her jaw.

She let Nia entre the ring, Asuka went for some shots on Nia Jax and sent her tossing though the ring rope, Asuka followed her back, Nia with a counter-attack and lif her off for the massive Powerbomb. We then went for the commercial break.

Commercial Break***

After the commercial break, Nia Jax holding Asuka around her neck, Asuka got out of it and landed a double knee, she went on the top of the turnbuckle where she was interrupted by Nia Jax, she tried to take her down but Asuka dodged her to let Jax stuck into the turnbuckle

Jax with a headbutt and then a Samoa Drop, she went for the cover but the official made the count as Asuka had her legs touched to the bottom rope, Nia Jax shoved the referee who was going to eliminate her but Asuka from behind with a roll-up, 1,2,3 and still Asuka your champion.

Winners: Asuka(c), victory followed by pinfall

Unsanctioned Match

Randy Orton Vs. Christian

Christian made his way up to the ring to face off Randy Orton. We saw Randy Orton walking down to the ring. Randy Orton was on a deep stare at Christian. The official introduced the match, meanwhile,a Whooo!! was there s Ric Flair walked down to the ring.

The bail rang but suddenly, Ric Flair with Low Blow to Christian and walked through the ring rope. Randy Orton with Knee Strick to take down him. Randy with cover to win the match.

Winners: Randy Orton, victory followed by pinfall

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