WWE Raw Results June 1, 2020: Full Coverage, Highlights, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 02, 2020
WWE Raw Results June 1, 2020: Full Coverage, Highlights, Winners
WWE Monday Night Raw Hits The Airwaves With Packed Crowed. It was known that WWE has planned to hit their airways with a little crowd from WWE trainees who were up to cheer up superstars.

This although seemed to be an improbable approach to create the activity in watching Raw.

On Tonight's show Rey Mysterio major upon taking his retirement from WWE and to make it more memorable, he steeps up into the ring to make the retirement Ceremony with Seth Rollins being the host at the spur of the time.

On the same night Aleister Black is out for the retribution when he goes one-on-one with Monday Night Messiah.

As per the announcement, NXT Women's Champion Charlotte Flair gets to have her hands on Raw Women's Champion Asuka on Raw. Newly crowned United States Champion Apollo Crews is not going to be taking a breather after winning the title. Tonight on Raw, Crews defends his title against an opponent of his choosing.

Pre-decided Match Card

Champion Vs. Champion Match

Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka

Singles Match

Seth Rollins Vs. Aleister Black

United States Championship match

Apollo Vs. TBA

Rey Mysterio's Retirement Ceremony.


Here we go!!!.

The Raw kicked off with the hype of the matches.

Seth Rollins was next up to set off a retirement Ceremony for Rey Mysterio, he kicked things off with his two disciples Murphy and Austin.

Seth Rollins took the mic and said "Tonight is a huge night on is there a Lott going on Aleister is seems to be bi**ch, Rey is going to be here later on tonight and that's is going to be difficult for him, because a great never admire himself.

Rey is modest and that's why Rey can't be in the ring to flaunt. Rey is a kind and generous man and the reason why he handed himself to me to his god to be sacrificed.

Seth Rollins had a video package to show the audience on Rey Mysterio's retirement Ceremony.

Seth Rollins said no doubt Rey is going to be the next Hall Of Famer and I will induct him there.

Meanwhile, the mic and here came out Aleister Black out of nowhere and started blowing up on Seth Rollins. He sent Seth rolling through the ring rope.

Singles Match

Seth Rollins Vs. Aleister Black

After the commercial break, the match was under the way, Seth and Black with hand lock, Black hammered away Seht into the turnbuckle, Seth back himself out of the ring. He meets up with Murphy and point something to him. Aleister Black tossed back into the ring, Seth Rollins with a Dropkick on Aleister Black, and then a snap Suplex, Seth Rollins with arm lock with a control on Black, We Black with a few kicks to take down Seth Rollins but Seth Rollins had his another dominance by pushing him through the ring rope.

Seth Rollins tossed him out of the ring and then a suicide dive on Black to take him back to the barricade. Black made his way to the ring, Seth Rollins tried to take him down but Black with a kicked to dash down Seth Rollins on the ring rope.

Black went for the other destruction but Seth tossed him through the ring rope. Seth Rollins ordered Murphy and Austin to bring some damages to Black, but the mic hit and here came out Humberto with a steel chair to take back out of the damages.

We were back into the ring after the break with Seth Rollins running rough on Aleister into the turnbuckle, Aleister with a Dropkick but nothing effect, Seth Rollins with Slingblade. Rollins up on the top rope for knee strick but Aleister ducked to make the save, Aleister as up in the fight, he went atop the rope and had a Moonsault and then a Suplex for the cover but kicked out at two. They both went for the exchange of roll for the cover but none could bring the victory.

Now, Seth Rollins with a falcon Arrow to the cover but kicked out at two. they fought along the apron, and sent Seth out of the ring with a push, Aleister launched himself onto Seth Rollins.

After the break, there was a dangerous situation to them both as they found themself at the top rope, Seth Rollins sent Black onto the ring and then made a Frogsplash for the cover but kicked out at two. Seth Rollins looked for the Stop but Black blocked it to turn it into an Armlock but somehow got rid of with a powerbomb. Seth Rollins at the top of the ring to make the hit, he jumped but Aleister with a huge Knee shot to take Seth completely down.

Black with another move but had a distraction from Murphy and Austin. Humberto from behind to take both them down. In the ring Seth Rollins with a roll and then Aleister with the same roll to win the match.

Winner : Aleister Black, victory followed by pinfall

After the match, Seth Rollins ordered Murphy and Austin to bring the savages on Black, They caught Black for the Stomp, Humberto glided through the bottom rope but Seth Rollins would stomp him out.

Now, he went for another Stomp to Aleister Black to take him out. They left the ring with a trash talk

Angel and Zalina Vega were backstage to talk about last week's match against Kevin Owens.

Shawn Michael will be here next to address the Randy Orton Vs. Edge match at WWE Backlash.

Commercial Break**

Back from the break, the announcers went on to hype, for NXT Takeover: In Your House.

Shawn Michael was on the screen to cast his take for Edge as the winner in Greatest Wrestling Match at Backlash.

It will be Drew McIntyre Vs. MVP next up on Raw. MVP and Lana were backstage, Lana was on the blam trying to snatch Bobby Lashley away from her, Lana with a slap to MVP and walked out from there.

After the commercial break we were with the past Seth Rollins' earlier retirement Cermomney for Rey Mysterio.

Apollo Crews walked out in the ring to lead the new challenger for United States Championship. Apollo Crews chosed Kevin Owens for the opportunity at the title. Kevin Owens made his way up to the ring. Kevin Owens was having a feeling of pity on last week's match against Angel, Apollo made him believe that he is doing out of respect. Kevin Owens said "he is feeling bad after he lost to Angel, Apollo made him believe that He is still a champion. Kevin Owen finally shut him up saying that Your reigns is going to be short and they both got ready for the match.

United States Championship match

Apollo Vs. Kevin Owens

Crews with a Dropkick to take out Kevin Owens, he went for the cover but kicked out at one, Now Kevin Owens his move to bring the damages on Crews, we saw Crews quickly getting up at no time, Kevin Owens with another kick to take him out of the ring, Kevin tried to make the jump but Crews made his way out. Kevin Owens took him back into the ring and had jumped from the top rope, he went for the cover but kicked out at very close two counts.

Now, they brawled out of the ring. After the break, Apollo with a Powerslam to Kevin, Apollo looked for the Olympic move but Kevin Owens instead with a kick and went on to the top rope for the jump and went for the cover at two counts break out.

Apollo made two straight moves on Kevin but each time Kevin had kicked out. Kevin Owens with Superkick to make him able to go up to the top rope for the jump, Apollo with Knee up to make the move fail. Suddenly, The Former United States Champion Andrade and Angel Garza walked down to the ring and started beating down Apollo and Kevin which made the referee to call out the match.

Winner : Kevin Owens Vs. Apollo ended in no-contest

They continued their beating and made them out of the ring. We were told by Cole that during the commercial break Angel made the challenge to Kevin and Apollo for a Tag-Team matchup which they accepted

Tag-Team Match

Angel Garza & Andrade Vs. Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews

At the beginning of the match Angel and Andrade took the controls on Apollo and did not let him make the tag, Meanwhile, Kevin Owens had tag but too did not bring any changes in the match. We saw Angel appearing from behind Kevin Owens to take him down, which made a little distraction for Apollo to let Andrade roll him out but that had enough at two counts.

Apllo Crews finally had a massive Powerbomb on Andrade for the cover, 1, 2, 3 with Apollo and Kevin as the winner.

Winners : Kevin Owens & Apollo, victory followed by pinfall

The Street Profits and The Viking Raider has been engaging in a ultimate matches and tonight they were up for Bowling match.

Singles Match

Nikki Cross Vs. Billie Kay

Nikki Cross were tearing Billie Kay apart into the turnbuckle, Billie Kay with a kick to take down Nikki Cross, Billie Kay had some trash talking with the referee, she turned towards Nikki and had her lame move for the cover but kicked out at two. Nikki fired back but that was for a while as Billie Kay continued to make the long game for her.

An Elbow drop to Nikki Cross, Billie Kay had some disrespect with Nikki which enraged Nikki to come back in the match, Nikki with Bulldog and went up to the top rope, Billie Kay block the way but Nikki somehow managed the way to take her out.

Nikki Cross made her way up to the top rope for the jump but Billie Kay had her knee up to cost her a loss.

Winners : Billie Kay, victory followed by pinfall

We were back with Rey Mysterio's retirement Ceremony, Tom, Samoa Joe were there to ask him some questions regarding the earlier statement from Seth Rollins. Rey Mysterio joined them on the screen from his home.

Rey updated us that he is still recovering from eye injury and said "He doesn't know. He could be cleared to return in a few weeks or he could never get cleared. He definitely wants to give an answer, we just don't know yet but it has been a question he's been thinking about for some time.

Joe asked him if he wants to dig his eyes on Seth Rollins' retirement ceremony for him tonight, Rey said "Rollins carries a lot of negativity to be a Messiah and for Rollins to say Rey was chosen as a sacrifice is just wrong. he wasn't chosen by some higher power. Rollins tried sidelining him".

We were joined by Rey's son Dominick who made the hard statement on Seth Rollins. He said "something needs to be done, something by a member of this family", Rey held him back. "Rollins is full of a bunch of BS and we both know that", Rey made the official statement and said damn Rollins for everything he's put Rey and his family through. Rey's family helplessly watched as Rollins jammed his eye into the steel steps.

Rey made it cleared that "I wasn't chosen by some higher power. Rollins made a clear decision to try and BLIND me!"

Rey walked off but Dominic was still there digging his eyes on the camera. Dominick said "Rollins is a man of scripture so---an eye for an eye. Dominic went off from there with this saying.

This looks to make an interesting turn at WWE Backlash, it is so that we could get to see Seth Rollins Vs. Dominic At WWE Backlash.

Singles Match

Nia Jax Vs. Kairi Sane

Winners : Nia Jax, victory followed by pinfall

Randy Orton up next to make the point on his upcoming match against Edge at WWE Backlash. He also made the point at Ric Flair who predicted him as the winner.

Champion Vs. Champion Match

Charlotte Flair Vs. Asuka

Charlotte Flair walked to the ring to face off Asuka up next, the was going to get everyone pumped. It was the match we all had been waiting for.

All the wrestlers from the crowd were booing over The Queen, some of them also said "You suck". Charlotte Flair shut them up. Charlotte Flair went on to make the point on Asuka that she is a batter example to teach you bow down to your queen. The mic hit and we welcomed Asuka in the ring.

They both stretched at the ringside, a hand lock from both, Asuka looked for Asuka lock but could not turn it to the right. They had some trash talk. Charlotte Flair with a chop on Asuka's chest, Asuka tried to make her way for the attack but Charlotte Flair with a big right hand and then squashed her into the turnbuckle.

Asuka was in the trouble as she went to damage her left Knee. Asuka with a roll but did not bring any change for Asuka. Charlotte Flair fired up on Asuka also fired back with some shots but Charlotte again sent her away with a kick, Now, Asuka with a kick right to the face of Charlotte to dash her down.

Asuka ran rough on Charlotte. She even went for the cover but could bring the victory, Asuka with Asuka lock, Charlotte with her power to turn the Asuka lock into her own lock, Asuka somehow manages to make herself out of it. Asuka again with the lock, Charlotte FLair back to her feet and led Asuka for Suplex.

Charlotte FLair went for another move but this time Asuka had Armbreaker, Charlotte Flair with her power lift-off Asuka for a Powerbomb at the middle of the ring. She went for the cover but kicked out at two. Asuka pushed herself at the apron, Charlotte Flair with a Big Boot to take her down.

The Mic hit and here came out Nia Jax to bring the distinction for Asuka. The referee went to make all the count to ring the bail with Charlotte FLair as the winner. Nia Jax with a big shot to take down Asuka

Winners : Charlotte Flair, victory followed by Countout

Charly was backstage with Lana, asking about MVP vs. Drew McIntyre. We display a replay of her earlier backstage segment with MVP where she said MVP is trying to use Her Bobby to revive his washed-up career. Charly asked Lana if she thanks that's Lashley or MVP's idea. Lana said she's not sure. Actually she knows that wasn't Her Bobby, he would never do that. Her Bobby requested she stay away from the ring during his match, but he never said anything about MVP's match

Singles Match

Drew McIntyre Vs. MVP

Bobby Lashley set off the tone for our main event of the night. The Mic hit and we welcomed MVP into the ring. Drew McIntyre also followed the ring.

They both prepared for the match, the mic hit and we welcomed Lana into the ring. The Bail rang and Drew McIntyre took MVP into the turnbuckle and ran rough some shots on his chest, Drew with Closeline, and sent MVP clean out of the ring. Drew Followed him back, where he faced Bobby Lashley out to make the distinction, MVP from behind and sent him into the ring post. MVP sent him into the ring. Drew McIntyre got back into the match and fired upon MVP, Drew McIntyre looked to have Claymore but Bobby from behind dragged MVP out of the ring to make the save, they had some secret talk.

Drew with flip to dash down both of them and then he brought MVP into the ring for snap Claymore Kick, he went for the cover 1, 2, 3 and won the match.

Winners : Drew McIntyre, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Bobby Lashley appeared from behind to make a clutch on Drew McIntyre and with this, the show went off the air.

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