WWE Raw Results June 22, 2020: Live Coverage, Full Results, Winners, Highlights

Jitendra Jangir Wed Jun 24, 2020
WWE Raw Results June 22, 2020: Live Coverage, Full Results, Winners, Highlights
Tonight on Raw two Tag-Team Championship matches will be held which will include Bayley & Sasha Banks defending the Women's Tag-Team Titles against The IIconics. The Viking Raider will have the title shot against The Street Profits.

Plush, what we witnessed on Raw as Dominick appeared during the conversation between Rey and Seth Rollins. Dominick attacked Seth Rollins launching him through the steel stairs and then made a quick escape from there. Tonight Rey Mysterio will be here on Raw. R-Truth puts his title on the line against R-Truth. Ric Flair to announce Randy Orton as the greatest ever Wrestler

Announced Card

Rey Mysterio to make his appearance on Raw.

Bayley and Sasha Banks defend their Ttiels against The IIconics.

The Street Profits put their Raw Tag-Team Titles on the line against The Viking Raiders.

R-Truth puts his title on the line against R-Truth.

Ric Flair to announce Randy Orton as the greatest ever Wrestler.

Full Results

We kicked the things off with Drew McIntyre walking down into the ring. He took the mic and had the talk about R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler meanwhile, interrupted Drew McIntyre. He said "AJ Styles has been traded to Monday Night Raw and that's why he has been here.

You can come to Raw because of him and we became the dominant Tag-Team because of him, and you are a WWE CHampion because of him. Dolph then went on to challenge Drew McIntyre for the championship match.

Drew McIntyre said, He needs an opponent for Extrem Rules, he then asked Dolph if he seriously needs a championship match. Dolph accepted this. Drew then went on to announce the match official for Extrem Rules. Drew left the ring.

Nia Jax made her way up to to the ring, she was then interrupted by R-Truth who came looking for Tozawa, because he was supposed to defend his title against him. He asked Nia Jax that if, she is Tozawa.

AKira appeared right behind Cole and Grave, R-Truth followed him making his way out of arena.

Nia Jax had some talk on the referee's fast count. She was interrupted by Charlotte Flair. They both fought off into the ring. The official came to break them up.

Raw Tag-Team Championship Match

The Street Profits(Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) Vs. The Viking Raiders

The official introduced both the teams, Ivar and Angelo Dawkins kicked the things off as for the first. Ivar with an early move for the cover but kicked out at two.

Montez was quick to make his way into the ring with the tag, He had some shots on Ivar but soon, Ivar and Erick meet them out of the ring, Montez Ford with suicide dive but caught by Erick and launched The Street Profits on to the ground.

We were back after the break, as The Street Profits were taking some hits on Erick, soon, Erick with a kick to make the tag with Ivar. Montez Ford also followed the tag with Angelo Dawkins, Ivar looked to take him out with his flip, but Angelo Dawkins with the same flip as comparing the line, we can do better that you can do. Soon, Angelo Dawkins with a spear to Erick and another side Montez Ford would big splash for the cover and won the match

Winners : The Street Profits(Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford), victory followed via pinfall

After the match, The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders had some respect as they went on to shake hands, they had the celebration together, they were cut short by Angel and Andrade as they attacked from behind but both the teams would go on to whip them out of the ring.

Asuka was next to defend her title against Charlotte Raw.

Raw Women's Championship Match

Asuka(c) Vs. Charlotte Flair

Raw Women's Champion Asuka made her way up to the ring to defend her title against Charlotte Flair. The Queen also followed the entrance taking a stare at Asuka.

The official introduced both of them, the bail rang and Charlotte Flair stretched herself before going up. They had a handlock at the middle of the ring, Charlotte ran through Asuka with a big drop by her shoulder. Charlotte was isolating Asuka into the corner, Asuka was ground the queen. Asuka then looked for the hip attack but Charlotte would skip it and landed a big right hand.

Charlotte Flair for the jump but Asuka escaped the jump and sent Charlotte out of the ring, Asuka at the top of the apron and landed a big left leg, Asuka followed her, Suddenly, Charlotte Flair with a big boot to Asuka taking her down on the ground, they fought off into the ring.

Charlotte looked for the submission move but that was broken up by Asuka, Charlotte Flair went on the top of the ring post for Moonsault. Asuka was too quick to escape from the Moonsault. Charlotte Flair soon again turned violent over Asuka as we went for the commercial break.

After the break we saw Charlotte chopping through Asuka on her into the turnbuckle, Asuka suddenly, turned to be effective as she ran some chops on Charlotte, we saw Charlotte soon with a big boot to take down Asuka, Charlotte looked for the spear but wisely Asuka escaped as Charlotte sent herself into the ring rope, Asuka with Asuka Lock to Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte Flair was able to get herself out of the lock, and landed a spear for the cover but Asuka had her foot touching to the bottom rope. Charlotte Flair went make another move but this time Asuka would catch Charlotte under Asuka lock and let Charlotte tap out.

Winner : Asuka(c), victory followed via Submission

Two times WWE Hall Of Famer is up next to announce Randy Orton as the greatest wrestler ever. Cole led us to the past line between Randy Orton and Edge.

UP NEXT: Edge returns to provide a medical update on his own condition, as well as his best friend Christian' following the attacks by Randy Orton.

Edge was at the big screen, Edge "So here we are, Randy. You won at WWE Backlash, but I don't think you lived up to your claim of being the better natural wrestler."

"You woke up the side of me that will sink to ANY level to get what he wants."

Edge said, Randy Orton, he is going to embrace you, he will emasculate you for what Randy did to him and Christain. You woke up the side of me that will sink to ANY level to get what he wants. Edge then went on to say, Randy Orton does not know what he has done. He woke up the evil. Randy Orton woke up Rated-R Superstar. Get some sleep while you can.

Charly was backstage with Charlotte Flair for the interview. Meanwhile, she was attacked by Nia Jax who ripped her apart.

24/7 Championship match

R-Truth Vs. Akira Tozawa

Akira Tozawa was in the ring with other ninjas. R-Truth made his way into the ring to defend the title. The mic hit and they were interrupted by MVP and Bobby Lashley. We saw Bobby Lashley venting his anger on ninjas. Bobby Lashley for the submission move to take down R-Truth. They left the ring. Akira Tozawa took the advantage to win the match and became the new champion.

Winner : Akira Tozawa and the new 24/7 Champion, victory followed via pinfall

Singles match

Liv Morgan Vs. Natalya

Liv Morgan made her way up into the ring to take up her bout against Natalya. She stretched herself into to the ring as Natalya entered the ring with Lana following her back.

Natalya with run shots to Liv into the turnbuckle, Natalya looked to send Liv out of the ring but Liv stood at the top of the turnbuckle, Natalya with ahead to take down Liv, Natalya followed Liv, but got the hit from Liv.

Liv Morgan took her into the ring, Natalya suddenly turned with submission move to win the match.

Winner : Natalya, victory followed via submission

Two times WWE Hall Of Famer is up next to announce Randy Orton as the greatest wrestler ever. Cole led us to the past line between Randy Orton and Edge.

Ric Flair headed up to the ring as we waited for him after the commercial break.

Ric Flair went on to call on Randy Orton so then he can have face to face conversation. Randy Orton headed up to the ring. Ric Flair is the official most dominative and best performer of the WWE history.

Randy Orton was so thankful to be called as the "legend killer". Big Show interrupted Randy Orton and he said, Christain and Edge are his friends and you gonna pay for what you did to them. Big Show said, Edge is not done, he gonna take you down all alone.

Randy Orton had some words for Big Show, Randy Orton made him believe that if he makes his way blocked then he is gonna get the condition that he reached to do with Edge and Christain. Big Show prepared to have the fight with Randy Orton but Randy Orton left off the ring. While Randy Orton made Big Show believe that "What happens next is on you." It seems Randy Orton has a new target, and it's a BIG one.

Tag-Team Championship Match

Sasha Banks & Bayley Vs. The IIconics

Sasha Banks & Bayley headed towards the ring to defend their titles against The IIconics. The bail rang and the official went on to introduce both the teams.

Key with early move on Sasha Banks for the cover but kicked out at two. Sasha Banks sent Key out of the ring, Roy tried to make the interruption but the takedown from Bayley. Now, Sasha Banks with a tag to Bayley who ran rough on Key, while, Sasha Banks was out of the ring. Key and Roy worked as the team and landed big right hand at the top of the Apron as Sasha made a shocking reaction.

After the break, Bayley and Key were having an exchange of shots at the middle of the ring, Key with a roll but broken up by Sasha Banks, Bayley and Sahs Banks with a double team to drop Roy for the cover by Sahsa but kicked out at two.

Sasha Banks with some shots to Roy, we saw Roy suddenly sending Sasha to hit Bayley. Roy with quick roll but could pin her, Key also made the interruption but his time Sasha Banks kicked key and locked Roy for the submission move to win the match

Winners : Bayley & Sasha Banks, victory followed via Submission

After the break Sasha Banks took the mic and said Dodged Bayley into getting a title shot at Extreme Rules, Bayley was surprised at listening to this but Later Sasha Banks revealed that he is challenging Raw Women's Champion Asuka for the championship match. Bayley got the sigh of relief. The Mic hit and we saw Asuka making her way up into the ring.

Asuka said "You are not the boss of me" and she accepted the challenge from Sasha Banks.

After accepting the challenge Sasha Banks and Bayley ran rough shots on Asuka and Sasha ended the brawl with her submission move.

Singles match

Apollo Crews Vs. Shelton Benjamin

Winner : Apollo Crews, victory followed via pinfall

Rey Mysterio was up next with his son Dominick to confront Seth Rollins.

Rey Mysterio headed up into the ring with his son Dominick. He took the mic and said, Rey, said, last Monday he called you several but there was no response from you, and later, got to know that you headed to Raw to avenge his dad. Rey said, he is very proud of you, but at some point, he is angry because you did not listen to me. He then went on to say that we were very worried for you.

Rey said, he is gonna avenge Seth Rollins at his own terms not putting you into the danger. Meanwhile, Dominick took the mic and said, this family needs a fight against Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins interrupted them, Seth got both of them into the ring and said two eyes are batter than one. He headed towards the ring, at the middle, Seth Rollins went on his knee, and we saw Murphy and Austin joining him.

We saw Aleister Black and Humberto attacking both of them from behind. Seth Rollins found his way to escape from there. Dominick was up into the ring where he faced Murphy, he took some shots got beaten at some point, Aleister made the save for Dominick, now they covered Seth Rollins for the Redemption. Rey with 619 to take down Seth Rollins, Rey and Dominick caught Seth for the same harm, he did to Rey Mysterio, Seth was trying to get out of the lock but could not do so. Murphy and Austin attacked them from behind, now Dominick and Rey were caught by them for another harm. At the spur of the time, Humberto and Black made the save for them. Seth Rollins, Murphy and Austin fled from there as the Raw went off the air.

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