WWE Raw Results June 29, 2020: Highlights, Coverage, Recap, Winners

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 30, 2020
WWE Raw Results June 29, 2020: Highlights, Coverage, Recap, Winners
The days are decreasing for the approach of WWE Extreme Rules, and WWE can't wait to observe another huge event germinating with more consequence. The Last Monday night Raw is headlined as one the most successive Raw and goes without saying that WWE looks for the same Raw happening Tonight on Raw.

It looks that the former disordered and well-know tag-Team consisting of Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott are going to reunite after what we saw amid the following Monday Night Raw.

Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott could mayhap be reigniting against Lana and Natalya in a Tag-Team action.

Plush, a huge Double-contract signing For WWE Championship and Raw Women's Championship at the same time.

Annouced Schedule

Seth Rollins seeks to fight against Rey Mysterio, Humberto and Aleister Black

Double-contract signing For WWE Championship and Raw Women's Championship


We kicked the things off with Bayley Sasha Banks beating black and blue to Asuka. Samoa Joe was to split them up but could not make it so. The referees walked down to make the save, they somehow split them up but once again they sprout their anger on Asuka. They were for the second time to make the separated. Samoa Joe introduced Dolph Ziggler into the ring. Samoa went on to call on Drew but meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler snatched the mic and made the call instead. The music hit and we welcomed Drew Into the ring.

Samoa Joe spoke Dolph to sign the contract. Dolph Ziggler took the mic and said, You may begin true. We all know your WWE champion because of me, but let's dive a little deeper. Where would you be without?. Scratching and clawing your way out of obscurity somewhere telling anyone who will listen I had the world in the palm of my hands and I blew it real sad sob story Drew, but while you were shuffling around trying to find yourself I was here for 15 years carrying monsters like you on my back. I know what you're willing to go through. I know what you're willing to sacrifice.

For that title. I know in the back of your head way back here brain. You're just not so sure. Extreme Rules horror show you're gonna hit me and I'm going to get back up and you're going to kick me and I'm gonna get back up and you're going to hit it with everything you've got and I'm gonna get back up and do what I do best to survive 19 Redemption story all disappears just like that. Extreme Rules I will destroy you.

Drew spoke, It's official. That was a passionate word are Dolph. It was a time. We're like family and brothers family's always honest with each other. It was true. I was fired. I had to go through hell personally professionally to become the man the champion I have to do this journey of mine at the biggest lesson of all, this is more of a mental game.

it is a physical game and I think about figured out. I think I know why you need this title so bad. Not just the ego boost has been on the posters and the merchandise because I know you just love that. That's it that you've never been that center of attention. You've always dreamed of being happy. every time he is so close to the finish line. Always drop the bomb. Always the bridesmaid never the bride Dolph. At Extreme rules horse slaughter you it's going to be because of me seems to think you have a chance against me. So I'm gonna do you a favor being that we're family. I'm gonna allow you to pick the stimulation of our match.

Meanwhile, Asuka signed the contract, Sasha Banks said, Look at you. I'm not the same person once faced before. I'm the legit boss. I'm the standard. I'm the blueprints. I am the leader and I am the conversation and at Extreme Rules. I will be two belts Banks when I beat you for the wrong woman championship and with Bayley and I both being a double Champions not only does that mean we are taking over the locker rooms. We are taking over the company.

After the contract-signing Sasha Banka & Bayley took the bout over Asuka, Drew McIntyre took the shots on Dolph Ziggler, Drew and Asuka stood tall into the ring by swiping them up.

We went for the commercial break, After the back we saw Big Show was into the ring, he had some words for Randy Orton. Meanwhile, he got the interruption from Zalina Vega, Andrade, and Angel Garza. They covered Big Show to beat him. The Music hit and Th Viking Raiders came up to make the save.

Tag-Team Match

The Viking Raiders Vs. Andrade & Angel Garza

The brwle turned into a tag-team match, Ivar and Angel Garza were having to be in the ring to start off the game. Ivar was running rough on Angel Zarga not letting him get the tag with Andrade. Tag made and Erick entered the ring. Erick left off Ivar and Luched him on Angel. Erick looked fro another move but this time, Angel escaped and made the tag with Andrade, Angel once again back into the ring, he had a superkick and left the ring and let Andrade cover him. Andrade went for the cover but kicked out at two.

Meanwhile, we saw Andrade and Angel had some trash talking, Andrade suddenly left the ring, apparently making a way out of the match. Zalina was right there to persuade him not to do so. We went for the commercial break.

Back from the break, as we saw Angel was having the rough shots on Erick, he made the tag with Andrade, this time Erick with Elbow stick on both the superstars, and immediately made the tag with Ivar who made some offense on both of them. Both the teams were into the ring, Erick left off Andrade and Angel to launch them into the middle of the ring. Andrade and Angel once again took the lead into the match, Angel sent Ivar into the ring post. Andrade with knee stick to Erick, made the tag with Angel who later launched his move on Erick to win the match.

Winners : Andrade & Angel Garza, victory followed via pinfall

24/7 Championship Match

Akira Tozawa Vs. R-Truth

Akira Tozawa was into the ring with other ninjas, Truth walked down into the ring creating the shout. The bail rang Akira wit quick roll but Truth made it out, Truth with some dance, Akira had his styles but this time R-Truth sent Akira out of the ring. Truth had some excuses with the referee by claiming that he has got his knee damaged so he may proceed but suddenly he rolled Akria to win the match.

Winners : R-Truth, victory followed via pinfall

After the match other ninjas tried to make the pin with Truth but Truth escaped out of the ring.

We were backstage with Bobby Lashley and MVP having some talk about Apollo Crews, MVP was next to have the match with Apollo.

Back from the break, Cole annouced that There will be a 2-on-1 Handicap match between Big Show Vs. Andrade & Angel Garza.

Seth Rollins with Murphy and Austin walked to the ring to make the forgiveness. They entered the ring, Seth took the mic, The crowd started chanting you suck!!!. Seth spoke up and said, "Last week Rey along with his son Dominik made a very heartwarming return to Monday Night Raw. grace stood Right here where I,m standing now, and he said nothing was going to stop him from returning to the ring.

He believed that with all this heart. So do I think is Rey Mysterio has a duty to uphold the problem is how do put this delicately or Rey has not been seeing things clearly has a weight see Rey think his duty

Seeing things clearly has a weight see Ray thinks his duty Mr. His family to avenge them to protect him,. But in fact, Rey Mysterio's duty is to be a sacrifice for the future of Monday Night Raw, and I have given her a Mysterio every chance to take the easy way out to do this on his own terms to walk away into the sunset and he has defied me at every turn. So what I must do now so important. Rey, I need to ask you to forgive me great. I beg your forgiveness, please Rey Mysterio. Forgive me not for what I have done in the past known but for what you are forcing me to do in the future.

Rey, we are bound by fate, and as fate would have it. I am the Monday night Messiah as fate would have it, Rey Mysterio, you are meant to be a sacrifice for the greater. Good of Monday Night Raw and so yes, you are. Correct When You say you will step foot in this ring again and every single time that shoot do I will be forced to take a piece of you and little by little I will tear you apart.

Rey and Dominick appeared on the big screen, they had some words for Seth Rollins. Meanwhile, Aleister Black and Humberto ran down to the ring claiming their matchup with them.

Tag-Team Match

Seth Rollins & Murphy Vs. Aleister Black and Humberto

Aleister Black and Humberto took the complete charges on Murphy and Seth Rollins, a dropkick by Humberto to Murphy and looked for the 619 but somehow escaped from there, Seth Rollins at the top of the apron making the distraction, Humberto with Superkick to Seth Rollins and launched himself on to them.

back after the break, Humberto with Superkick to Seth Rollins and headed to make the tag with Black, Seth with tag to Murphy, Humberto also had the tag at the same time. Black with some rough shots driving Murphy here and there. Murphy hung on the middle of the ring, Humberto made the tag and had 619 on Murphy, Seth Rollins came up to make the save, but Black and Humberto took him out. Now, Humberto tried to launch himself but meanwhile, Muprhy out of nowhere with knee stick for the cover, Black made the save.

Black and Murphy fought off out of the ring, in the ring Humberto with quick roll on Seth Rollins but got out, Seth Rollins finally with Stomp for the cover to win the match.

Winners : Seth Rollins & Murphy, victory followed via pinfall

Black from behind attacked Seth Rollins, Murphy From behind making the save, they both took out them, Seth Rollins caught Humberto for the cause into the steel chair. Black once again made the save but that did not resist Seth into making his stomp on Humberto into the steel chair, Seth Rollins and Murphy got out of the ring and had a close stare at Black.

Once again we were back with The Undertaker's legacy, the only man to have the 21 straight streak of win in the WrestleMania history.

Rubby Riott was backstage still in much frustration, Lana joined her but Rubby denied to go away from there. Lana had some talk and walked off from there. Ruby will go one-on-one with The IIcnics' Royce.

Singles Match

Ruby Riott Vs. Royce

The IIcnics walked down to the ring, Royce is supposed to go one on one with Ruby Riott. She also made the entrance into the ring.

The bail rang, Royce with some trash talking, Ruby avoided her, Royce from behind with attack, Royce ran rough on Ruby Riott, Royce with her knee on Ruby Riott while she was down into the middle of the ring. Royce looked for the shots but drove herself into the ring post, Ruby with Standing STO on Royce for the cover but kicked out at two. Ruby got the distraction from kay which led Royce to have superkick on Ruby and then her move to win the match.

Winners : Royce, victory followed via pinfall

2-on-1 Handicap Match

Big Show Vs. Angel Garza & Andrade

The Bail rang as Big Show, Angel Garza and Andrade stood tall into the ring, Andrade and Angel Garza could not decide that who is going to stick into the match first. Angel Garza entered the ring, Big Show, with big chop and sent him out of the ring. Andrade forced him to be in the ring. Angel Garza continued to roll out of the ring, Angel Garza with a tag to Andrade, he looked a little aback to be in the ring. Andrade barley entered the ring, Andrade from behind but Big Show with hip pushing him back, Big Show took the complete control over Andrade.

Tag made by Andrade to Angel Garza, he barley step into the ring, Big Show caught him into the turnbuckle for the quick chop on his chest. Meanwhile, Angel Garza and Andrade had some trash-talking relevance to the tag. Angel Garza angrily left off Andrade to fight against Big Show into the ring. Andrade turned as Big Show had Chock Slam on Andrade to win the match.

Winners : Big Show, victory followed via pinfall

Singles Match

Apollo Crews Vs. MVP

Apollo and MVP set off, the bail rang as MVP with kick right on the face of Apollo, MVP looked fro another move but Apollo Crews lift him off and sent him out of the ring, Bobby Lashley joined MVP, Apollo Crews with sucid Dive to dash down Bobby Lashley, MVP caught Apollo and sent drove him into the steel stairs.

Back from the break, MVP was taking on Apollo, MVP with knee attack for the cover but kicked out at two. MVP with big shots to Apollo, MVP looked for another big boot but Apollo was able to evade that, Apollo with Spine Buster for the cover but MVP kicked out at two. Apollo at the top of the ring post, he got the distraction from Bobby Lashley, helped MVP to have Big Boot and then a German Suplex to win the match.

Winners : MVP, victory followed via pinfall

After the match MVP Stood tall into the ring, Apollo suddenly with an attack from behind, Bobby Lashley joined the ring to make the save for MVP, Bobby Lashley with Full Nelson, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander came to make the save.

Singles Match

Ricochet Vs. Bobby Lashley

Back from the break, we saw Ricochet and Bobby Lashley were into the ring taking the fight, they were both Announced for the match. Bobby Lashley was doing whatever he wanted to do. MVP also took some damages on Ricochet while, the referee was out of sight. Bobby Lashley tossing Ricochet out of the ring. Bobby Lashley Lunched Ricochet to the ringside and then sent him through the ring post. Bobby Lashley took him back into the ring.

Bobby Lashley looked for the Spear but Ricochet fell down on the way, Bobby Lashley waited for Ricochet to get up, Bobby Lashley with Full Nelson but Ricochet got out of the lock by sending him out of the ring. Ricochet launched Bobby Lashley through the ring post, they were back into the ring. Ricochet went on the top of the ring post to jump on him, Ricochet went for the cover but kicked out at two. Ricochet also had the Superkick on Bobby Lashley and then once again went on the top of the ring post, but this time Bobby Lashley would catch him for the slam and then Full Nelson to let Ricochet tap out.

Winners : Bobby Lashley, victory followed via Submission

Mixed Tag-Team Match

Drew McIntyre & Asuka Vs. Sasha Banks & Dolph Ziggler

Drew McIntyre made his way out into the ring, we turned towards Asuka making her way into the ring. Dolph Zigler up next making his way into the ring. Sasha Banks with Bayley walked down into the ring.

Drew McIntyre was not having the eyes down from Dolph Ziggler, Drew and Dolph stated the things off, Drew sent Dolph into the turnbuckle, once again Drew with a drop, Dolph had some trash talking, Drew with a big chop to Dolph Ziggler, we saw Dolph having stomp, but Drew kicked out at two. Dolph Ziggler made the tag with Sasha Banks, Asuka also entered the ring, Asuka with the quick attack taking Sasha down, Asuka looked for the Asuka lock, Dolph Ziggler entered the ring which as well as allowed Drew to be in the ring, Drew with a big push to send Dolph out of the ring, Asuka also sent her tossing through the ring.

Back from the break, as Dolph Ziggler was on the back of Drew, we saw Drew somehow got out and started crushing him down into the turnbuckle, Dolph Ziggler with DDT and let Sasha to be int the ring, Asuka also entered the ring, Asuka back to back shots on Sasha, Asuka sent Sasha out of the ring with a hip attack, Asuka followed her back, Sasha Banks took Asuka into the beating, Sasha got Asuka back into the ring. Banks with double knee into the turnbuckle and went for the cover but kicked out two. Sasha Banks looked for the Slipper hold, Asuka with double Kee as Sasha Banks went down, Drew looked for the tag, and he got it, Dolph also followed the ring, Drew was manhandling Dolph, Drew at the top of the ring post, and brought Dolph down, Drew drove Dolph into the turnbuckle, Sasha Banks made the tag with Dolph Ziggler, Sasha Banks had some trash-talking telling him to go out of the ring. Drew hit Dolph Ziggler to send him out.

Asuka from behind to have Superkick for the cover but kicked out at two. Sasha Banks with a submission move. Dolph Ziggler launched Drew into the ring post, in the ring, Asuka and Sasha Banks had the exchanges of rolls, Meanwhile, Asuka had Asuka lock, but Sasha Banks would turn with a loll to win the match.

Winners : Sasha Banks & Dolph Ziggler, victory followed via pinfall

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