WWE Raw Results, Paul Hyman and Rey Misterio, on the talk

Anfostar Team Thu Nov 28, 2019
WWE Raw Results, Paul Hyman and Rey Misterio, on the talk

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Whatever and however you react but we are getting ourself stated at the best vibes in the form of approaching Survivor Series, by the way, some scorching and breaking news is taking place from Monday night Raw( November 18 ).

Paul Hyman dealt with some moments from past to devise a scary feeling for Rey Misterio. Everything from Lesnar attacking Mysterio's son Dominick to Lesnar's victory over Cain Velasquez at "Crown Jewel" Heyman assured everyone that the "Conquerable Beast" is fine after Mysterio attacked him with a pipe ( now as his new friend ). Paul Hyman clarified to the audience that there will be no disqualification, that's mean you gotta find no one to derail the match from what it is anticipated. "No holds barred" Things have got more extreme with this announcement.

As claiming himself a "spoiler" Paul Hyman estimated about the match between his client brock Lesnar and Rey Misterio to behold on Sunday night at Survivor series.

Paul Hyman clearly assured that the match will be a 5 seconds video clip just like a public torture session. Further said that Either Rey Misterio will emerge out full of miracles at the honour of his family revenge by hunting Brock Lesner or my client massacres Rey Misterio with his might.

As far as Rey Misterio is concerned with this announcement, he took an instant steep from backstage to put a message for Brock Lesnar "At the contention to a tittle" he said " i am coming to hunt you down with my new friend ( referring his stick with which he kneeled down Brock Lesnar). You will have to pay for what you did with me in the past. Making an talk on further he said "i know he is not one to apologize, but i am not coming for an apology_ but exactly he is coming for WWE Championship and lastly he ended messaging in Spanish.

Let's predict here will you fined Rey Misterio as our new WWE Champion, or Brock is gonna break everything to defend his championship as Rey Misterio angered him?

Now the match is on the point of"no disqualification" and "no holds barred" so it will be like two-man fighting in the dessert "no one to help them" no distraction, no apology, no support just fight and "an eye for an eye".

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