WWE Raw Rumors Dec. 30, 2019, | interesting facts, Samoa Joe to come back in-ring action against AOP & Seth Rollins

Anfostar Team Mon Dec 30, 2019
WWE Raw Rumors Dec. 30, 2019, |  interesting facts, Samoa Joe to come back in-ring action against AOP & Seth Rollins
On December 30, 2019, there have been some Affirmative facts that could take place on tonight's latest edition of Raw as well as shouting down the year special. Raw has been the coverage of being encompassed with hostile outbreaks as by the continues hatch up of Author of Pan and Seth Rollins who has been resulting in most beastliness at every Raw Episode.

The second most-anticipated location has been set by Lana and Bobby Lashley's live marriages which will take place amid the show so to make concern about Rusev who could somehow appear to induce the interruption in the marriage. Recently, Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio to win the U.S. Title at MSG, now it will first when he appears on Raw episode with Championship so this thing could also be intriguing to see. Becky Lynch can be the next biggest confession for the show as to how she has been entangling with Asuka.

Let's look at the most anticipated featuring superstars for Tonight.

1. Samoa Joe could give rise to his in-ring action teaming up with Rey Mysterio and Kavin Owens by challenging AOP and Seth Rollins.

To be genuine, if the power-possessor emerges in-ring action then I bet it will be the most absorbing main event of the day. Actually, what dragons the match to happen is what occurred last week when Seth Rollins had his match fixed with Rey Mysterio for the U.S. Title, meanwhile, the match was called out in no-contest due to AOP attacking at Rey Mysterio.

Lastly, they ended up dragging Rey Mysterio to the announce table where Samoa existed who opposed AOP when they wanted to send Rey Mysterio through the announce table, consequently, they lead Samoa on the announce table instead. So the rumors are rounding that Samoa could bring himself in devastating mood against AOP and Seth Rollins. According to our prediction, Samoa may get a boost from Rey Mysterio and Kavin Owens by teaming up against them. Kevin Owens has also been found nowhere to show his stability against Seth Rollins and getting constant attacks From AOP and Seth Rollins, let's see what will bring out

2. Becky Lynch to challenge her most called in the opponent Asuka

Becky Lynch has found Asuka as her best opponent to defend her champions with, at MSG the match could not bring any excitement but tonight she is supposed to challenge Asuka, maybe a fix-up for WWE Women's title match at Royal Rumble, whatever brings out but sure to be thrilling.

3. Lana and Bobby Lashley to marry during the live Raw event

Lana and Bobby Lashley marriage could bring some unknown and unseen facts by the year's end As confirmed by both of them that they pick up a live marriage on tonight but there might have been an utmost facet to their marriage and that is Rusev who lastly brought his Rusev Day moment. I am not pretty sure about the anticipation but whatever happens, will be the calculation of this year.

4. Randy Orton & The Viking Raiders picks up the battle against The O. C. And AJ Styles

Last week The O.C. got even with Randy Orton and widened the gap with The Viking Raiders even further in one fell swoop, handing The Viper and the Vikings a demoralizing loss in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. If there was one key factor, it was the cohesion of the good brothers against the common-cause convenience of Orton, Erik & Ivar. They defeated Randy Orton And The Viking Raider so tonight they will look to revenge.

5. Andrade to emerge out as new U.S title

Andrade has become the new U.S champion after defeating Rey Mysterio at MSG. The breaking news was the first taken to publish by WWE on its twitter account.The most interesting thing is going under the rumors that what will happen when Andrade comes forward to flaunt over their victory on Tonight's Last edition of this year.

Will a new challenger come forward to challenge Andrade and finished off Andrade Reigns with the new year ending? anything can take place but one thing that I am sure about and that is the "Entertainment"

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