WWE Raw | Seth Rollins, Murphy & AOP Walk Out Victorious In A Eight-Man Tag-Team Match

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 11, 2020
WWE Raw | Seth Rollins, Murphy & AOP Walk Out Victorious In A Eight-Man Tag-Team Match
Welcome to Anfostar_Seth Rollins, Murphy & AOP again Walk Out Victorious by defeating once against Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders In A Eight-Man Tag-Team action.

Earlier before having their match we noticed that Both the teams clashed in the ring when Seth Rollins enraged Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and The Viking Raiders.

WE saw Kevin Owens made his way in the ring, The Viking Raiders, and Samoa Joe were followed by later. Seth Rollins had his words for them, suddenly, Kevin Owens and rest teammates attacked on them as well as kicking off the tag-team match. After the Break Erick was taking on Murphy, he made the tag with Ivar, and then Ivar was next to make the tag who took Murphy in the full destruction with a massive kick. The tag was made by Kevin Owens who had the backdrop on Murphy from the ring post side.

Erick had the tag next. Somehow, Murphy found his way in making the tag with AOP, Erick was tightly gripped by AOP, Seth Rollins stole the tag and held Erick into the pin. Seth went on to replace the tag with Murphy. Somehow, Erick was qualified in making the tag with Ivar as flew over Murphy when he tried to hit Erick from the ring corner. Ivar entered the ring taking the hold on Murphy. After the break AOP and Kevin were outside of the ring, AOP taking on Kevin Owens. He was taken in the ring back. Murphy made the tag and sent Kevin down to the ring, during the time Seth Rollins forged the way in beating Kevin Owens.

Akam was taking the complete destruction on Kevin Owen, he did not let Kevin back in the action. Murphy stole the tag and the same condition went on the process. Kevin Owen launched DDT on Muphy and immediately made the tag with Samoa Joe, while another side Murphy made the tag with Seth Rollins. Samoa Joe was more than prepared in comparison to Seth Rollins. AOP Tried to save Seth Rollins but The Viking Raiders hit them while coming the way. The Viking Raider and Samoa Joe flew over the top rope to take down all the opponents.

Murphy and Samoa Joe were gotten back in the ring where AOP approached and took down Samoa leaving Muphy in the ring to cover him for the victory.

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