WWE Raw: Seth Rollins To Hold Sermon' On Monday Night Raw

Anfostar Team Mon Feb 17, 2020
WWE Raw: Seth Rollins To Hold Sermon' On Monday Night Raw
Welcome to Anfostar_Seth Rollins will hold 'sermon' tonight on Raw. The Monday Night Messiah will preach, no one knows what exactly has to preach. But one thing for sure you fill up with and that is the action because the history repeats itself. Seth Rollins is continued on the way to victory streak since he won the Raw Tag-team titles by defeating The Viking Raiders a few weeks ago. From that time to now The Monday Night Messiah is creating his way teaming up with AOP and his tag-team partner Murphy.

Last week they fought in Eight-man tag-team match against Kevin Owens, The Viking Raiders and Samoa Joe. The match was forged out to lead the victory for Seth Rollins, AOP and Murphy. Seth Rollins is well off tricky ways that he did been with The Shield with Deam and Roman Reigns. This thing surely advances Murphy and AOP.

Now tonight Seth Rollins is coming to preach “sermon” to the audience and nothing is batter known that what exactly he will have to have to say on his new way to victory.

Seth Rollins has come several times to deliver something in front of the audience but you believe or not, his lesson fell on the deaf ears and several times he got interrupted by Kevin Owens and his teammates.

Will "sermon" comes out in right shape or someone reaches to make it out of shape.

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