WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Vs. ALeister Black Full Match(July 20, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jul 21, 2020
WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Vs. ALeister Black Full Match(July 20, 2020)
WE kicked the things off with The Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins with Murphy walking down into the ring. He took the mic and said, 'At Extreme Rules last night, Rey and I came out of its socket now, Let me be honest with you. I understood going into the match. WHat the eye for an eye stipulation in tail us, it was expressed to me. It was understood the to win the match opponent's I from ti's socket. The crowd went to chant, 'sham'.

Aleister Black interrupted Seth Rollins. Murphy went on to stop him but, Aleister Black went to beat him black and blue, getting the rampage through the barricade. Seth Rollins who stood tall in the ring fleed from there.

Back from the commercial break, as they both were fighting in the middle of the ring, Black with Closeline, Seth Rollins rolled away from the ring, Black followed him back landing some good shot, Rollins was able to duck Black into the ring post, Seth Rollins gained the controlled the game with a Slingblade to Black.

Seth Rollins crashing Black into the corner, Rollins with a kick to the back, and went for the cover, but kicked out at one. Rollins with a Snap Suplex. Rollins sent Aleister Black into the turnbuckle, Rollins continued to saluting, Black with some shots firing back at the instant and sent Rollins out of the ring. Rollins back to the ring, Black with a Huge knee strick, Black went for another move, but this time Rollins blacked it and tried to have Stomp, but Black too escaped from it, finally landing the Black mass to Seth Rollins, Murphy out with the distraction, but too got a Black mass as we went for the commercial break.

Back here on Monday Night Raw, as Black was taking the damages on Seth Rollins, Black with a kick to the chest. Black looked for the Black Mass, but Seth Rollins instead with Back to back two Superkick taking him down. Seth Rollins was trying to call Murphy, Seth Rollins at the top of the rope, Black joined him there, They both stood up to the top rope, Seth Rollins with knee strick taking Blck down. Seth Rollins with Armringer, and then finally with the Stomp for the cover, and won the match.

Winner : Seth Rollins, victory followed by pinfall

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