WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Vs. Aleister Black Full Recap (Jun, 1, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Tue Jun 02, 2020
WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Vs. Aleister Black Full Recap (Jun, 1, 2020)
Seth Rollins earlier made his way up to the ring in order to showcase the retirement Ceremony of Rey, where he was faced off by Aleister Black out of nowhere.

After the commercial break, the match was under the way, Seth and Black with hand lock, Black hammered away Seht into the turnbuckle, Seth back himself out of the ring. He meets up with Murphy and point something to him. Aleister Black tossed back into the ring, Seth Rollins with a Dropkick on Aleister Black, and then a snap Suplex, Seth Rollins with arm lock with a control on Black, We Black with a few kicks to take down Seth Rollins but Seth Rollins had his another dominance by pushing him through the ring rope.

Seth Rollins tossed him out of the ring and then a suicide dive on Black to take him back to the barricade. Black made his way to the ring, Seth Rollins tried to take him down but Black with a kicked to dash down Seth Rollins on the ring rope.

Black went for the other destruction but Seth tossed him through the ring rope. Seth Rollins ordered Murphy and Austin to bring some damages to Black, but the mic hit and here came out Humberto with a steel chair to take back out of the damages.

We were back into the ring after the break with Seth Rollins running rough on Aleister into the turnbuckle, Aleister with a Dropkick but nothing effect, Seth Rollins with Slingblade. Rollins up on the top rope for knee strick but Aleister ducked to make the save, Aleister as up in the fight, he went atop the rope and had a Moonsault and then a Suplex for the cover but kicked out at two. They both went for the exchange of roll for the cover but none could bring the victory.

Now, Seth Rollins with a falcon Arrow to the cover but kicked out at two. they fought along the apron, and sent Seth out of the ring with a push, Aleister launched himself onto Seth Rollins.

After the break, there was a dangerous situation to them both as they found themself at the top rope, Seth Rollins sent Black onto the ring and then made a Frogsplash for the cover but kicked out at two. Seth Rollins looked for the Stop but Black blocked it to turn it into an Armlock but somehow got rid of with a powerbomb. Seth Rollins at the top of the ring to make the hit, he jumped but Aleister with a huge Knee shot to take Seth completely down.

Black with another move but had a distraction from Murphy and Austin. Humberto from behind to take both them down. In the ring Seth Rollins with a roll and then Aleister with the same roll to win the match.

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