WWE Raw | The Street Profit Joins Kevin And The Viking Raiders To The Aid

Anfostar Team Tue Feb 18, 2020
WWE Raw | The Street Profit Joins Kevin And The Viking Raiders To The Aid
Welcome to Anfostar_Earlier we saw Seth Rollins entered the ring with Murphy and AOP to hold sermon. While, addressing the audience they were attacked by The Viking Raiders and Kevin Owens. Later, Seth Rollins decided to pick a six-man Tag-team match against Kevin Ownes and The Viking Raiders, putting AOP and Murphy inside the match.

Kevin Owens entered the ring followed by THe Viking Raiders from the back. AOP and Buddy were next to face them. After the break, we saw Kevin Owns was fired up taking on Murphy. He made the tag with Ivar for the next, Ivar took some shots on Murphy apparently making the tag with Erick. He took Murphy to his opponent's side taking the retribution. Erick made the tag with Ivar and they both teamed up to launch Power hit on Murphy. Murphy somehow made the tag with Akam who was confronted by Erick, then went for the back to back front hit to each other. Akam took on Erick dragging him to his side and then handled the situation to Murphy who gripped Erick in his arms Erick tried to get out of the lock but unable to do so. Akam suddenly turned to Ivar pushing him on the ground then he also tried the same on Kevin but was master to save it.

Erick took the advantage and hit Akam with big knee strick and thew all the member onto the ground. Erick crawled to hit the tag with Kevin, another side Akam let Murphy come to the ring. Kevin took out Murphy out of nowhere. After the break, AOP was completely taking the retribution at Kevin Owens making him weak to make the tag. Akam gripped him in his arms. Kevin attempted to push him back with his power while he was still in his arm, he was at the point to touch the tag but again was pushed back by Akam. Somehow, Kevin Owen made Ivar made legal to come in. Ivar took control of the match. He let Kevin come in the ring, Kevin went on the top of the ring to jump from there. He went for the cover but it was broken up by Razar, he was followed by snap cover from The Viking Raiders and they threw AOP out of the ring leaving Keinv and Murphy in the ring. Kevin Owen had his move on Murphy to cover him instantly but it was broken up by Seth Rollins as he appeared on the ring.

Winner : Kevin Owens & The Viking Raidres, victory followed by Disqualification

Seth Rollins was in the ring with AOP and Murphy holding Kevin for the next move but The Street Profit fired up the stage by entering there to help them. The Street Profit took out AOP and Murphy for the removal and ultimately faced Seth Rollins who was alone there. He somehow forged the way to flee from there leaving other members of "The Monday Night Messia". Now AOP and Murphy were beaten hell and black by them and with this Monday night Raw went off the air.

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