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WWE Raw Top 5 moments of the day(Dec.23, 2019)

Updated On: Tue Dec 24, 2019 By Anfostar Team


Welcome to Anfotar_Last Night everyone took big statements and rampages on their opponents from Seth Rolins & AOP to Rusev and then R-Truth, you could say it was just making deluding you from what you watched last night as AOP got back to back strikes first on Kevins Owens and then to Samoa joe. We also saw a long run for the 27/4 championship which was won by thrice time at the same time, first, it came out Akira then Santa and it came to R-Truth as the last. Randy Orton and Viking Raiders could resist The O.C form beating them and was laid to the waste by them. As we talk about the women's biggest confession then it came from Becky Lynch who challenged Asuka for the title match. However, the match has not been decided so far whether it will take place or not.

Here you are for the Raw night top moments which definitely grabbed your attention to watch the episode.

Quick shots

1.AOP and Seth Rollins stricken over Kevin Owens after Owens defeated Mojo

2.R-Truth retained 27/4 championship after going down with Akira and Santa

3. Rusev keeps celebrating Rusev day, picking up a bachelor's style

4. Becky Lynch challenged Asuka for the title match

5. AOP and Seth Rollins destroyed Rey and Samoa


1. AOP and Seth Rollins stricken over Kevin Owens after Owens defeated Mojo

Kevin launched a powerbomb through the table in the middle of the ring to win the match from Mojo After the match Seth Rollins walked in the ring with AOP, Owen started on him if he has come to beat down him. Both stood tall in the ring, Seth Rollins talked with a generous way with it looked he was trying to lure him from being his friend but immediately Kavin Owens marked a superkick on Seth Rollins which lead him on the ramp but was attacked by AOP who were standing tool by Seth's side. Seth Rollins took out Stomp Breaker on Seth and thereby went to ring.

We saw Seth Rollins and AOP walking backstage who were stopped by Charly Caruso, She put the question to Rollins "what he hopes to achieve by his constant acts of brutality on guys like Kevin Owens. Rollins said in extreme surprise "she must be kidding. He tried to go out with an olive branch for Owens but Owens attacked him. So you should ask Kevin what he is tinking to do it every week then he went away with AOP in much-expressing frustration.

2. R-Truth retained 27/4 championship after going down with Akira and Santa

Last Night we saw Akira, R-Truth, and Santa going thorough the WWE 24/7 Championship victory in New York City at Times Square. First Akira then Santa and then again R-Truth.

We saw WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth walking in New York City at Times Square. He had an invitation to his hand which was written in Japanese that he could make out so he in the concern to r He started looking for someone who will him the address. Later he found a man to ask the address, "saying he has an invite to light the Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson Christmas Tree. The man said Truth's invite is written all in Japanese and it's not The Rock's tree, it's the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and it's been lit for weeks now. The person beamed and walked off and started thinking about the invitation meanwhile Akira Tozawa suddenly appears with a referee and rolled Truth up for the pin to win the title. Akira went ahead with 24/7 Title and R-Truth was continued to chasing later in the night.

Later we saw Akira Tozawa running through New York City with the WWE 24/7 Title. He hid behind Christmas trees to protect from R-Truth and The referee and R-Truth came after but Tozawa escaped. Truth and the referee chased after him.

After the long run they finally bumped into a Santa who makes them persuade by saying that I have some gifts for you. He sent R-Truth to the other side and hit Akira with gifts and went for the cover to win the championship. Later R-Truth and Akira caught Satan. R_Truth sent Akira away with a push and Rolled Santa to win the title. The referee said in anger to go home because he has walked through the New York City and it's too cold and he must go home.

3. Rusev keeps celebrating Rusev day, picking up a bachelor's style

Rusev was ecstatic at the thought of Lana becoming Bobby Lashley's burden when the two tie the knot on the final Raw of the decade. Finally, Lana and Bobby are ready to get married on next Episode but Rusev is not frustrated about this all but is more likely a free man. He said right now I am single and soon ready to mingle, moreover, he said Lana and Bobby have a wedding next week and that's fantastic because she is gonna be all his burden now and what am gonna do, I keep celebrating Rusev day_he said these this backstage.

The Bulgarian Brute came out with conga line girls picking up a bachelor's style. he was in the ring then to say that He's a bit upset about getting screwed at TLC and said you can be damn sure that he's going to fight and do something about it. But is he upset over Lana and Bobby Lashley getting married next week? No, he's not. The best gift he could give Bobby is Lana. because she is gonna be all his burden now and what am gonna do, I keep celebrating Rusev day single and said the wedding will be Rusev Day.

4. Becky Lynch challenged Asuka for the title match

Last night She again came down the ring to put a big challenge for Asuka RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch walked down to the ring with a much-concerned way. She witnessed the mic in her hand to say that "says she'd had some things on her mind lately, some she addressed last week, but since the birth of The Man, she's learned that she does things better when she takes them into her own hands and That's what she's out here to do. Becky Lynch said what she said last week in an interview with Charly Caruso. she has become the face of the company and the company is trying to save her, but she doesn't give a damn what the company wants. She said there is no more to say about the match between The Man vs. Asuka, She challenged Asuka saying that Becky reminds her she's the one woman to defeat The Man fair and square.

So, The Man has come back around to collect on one last debt. What do you say Asuka? which brought forwards WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors(Asuka & Kairi Sane.) Asuka remember her to the TLC main event victory and laughed, Asuka went to say in Japanese that she wants to become "Asuka 2 Belts" Becky forced the answer to Asuka to name the time and the place. She then spoke in Ja In Japanese in the case to make her understand that, She said let me put it into words you can understand. which was apparently right understood by Asuka then Becky went to the way ahead. Asuka and Sane were on the stage talking about the facts.

5. AOP and Seth Rollins destroyed Rey and Samoa

Meanwhile, the match AOP started beating Rey which brought the in DQ. They continued to beat down, as the fans chanted have some respect for him but nothing could hear them and they dragged Rey Mysterio to the end stage and cleared out the Commentary box where Samoa was setting who denied to get up from there, he prepared to fight with AOP but got stopped by Seth but it was just a trick from Seth Rollins as he ordered AOP to finish him, soon after accepting the order they sent Samoa Joe through the announce table and that's how Raw went off the air.

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