WWE Raw: What's Next For Becky Lynch And Shayna Baszler

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 15, 2020
WWE Raw: What's Next For Becky Lynch And Shayna Baszler
Welcome to Anfostar_The Queen of Spades made a shocking appearance last week, taking a bite out of Becky Lynch, despite the bleeding, Becky Lynch would take the situation in her hands by driving Ambulance herself and then taking it back to spot with a covered bandage around her neck. Becky Lynch would leave the message for Shayna Baszler. she called out Shayna. Becky Lynch said she came out here back to rip down Shayna's face to pay her back on what she did with her. "You wanna put your hands on The Man. You wanna sink your little rats' teeth into my flesh just to get my attention... SHAYNA BABY mission accomplished!" Becky Lynch went on to say that "she will beat her week by week, little by little". "Now you batter find me before I found you"

Later, Becky Lynch also put the word for Shayna Baszler As we earlier noted that WWE held the WrestleMania 37 press conference earlier today at SoFi Stadium & Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California with WWE Chief Brand Officer Steph McMahon, Becky and Roman Reigns in appearance. During the press conference, Becky Lynch revealed her nickname when a media person commented on the fight between the two on last Monday night Raw. Becky said, "Yeah, just call me The Vampire Slayer,".

Then she was asked about her bite to be real which revealed in a kind of answer that "Yeah, just call me The Vampire Slayer," members of the media, pointed towards the bite that if it was a "legal" in a WWE. Becky Lynch said, "It's not a legal move, but it wasn't in a match,". I had just completed a match, I completed a very hard-fought match. I was exhausted at the end of that. That was one of the toughest victories that I've ever pulled out. It was a match that I was very happy with, very proud of, and to have it ruined like that, to have it ruined by Shayna, somebody who wanted to make a name for herself.

Shayna Bazsler put the response on the line when she took to twitter to reply Becky Lynch Statment "Lol ok, Buffy. But living in make-believe won’t stop #Reality"

You might call it A warning, or a challenge? but the rivalry has been waged between two dominative competitors. Let's see what cooks around this week on Raw.

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