WWE Royal Rumble 2020 prediction | Romors for 30-man Royal Rumble match

Anfostar Team Sat Jan 18, 2020
WWE Royal Rumble 2020 prediction | Romors for 30-man Royal Rumble match
Royal Rumble 2020 is approaching on its high verge and there have been a few contestants are left. On January 26, it will be Asuka Vs Becky Lynch for the Women's championship who have currently being effected by their on-going rivalry. We saw Becky Lynch challenging Asuka to come forward to accept her challenge and later it was decided that Asuka will be taking on Becky Lynch.

For the second contest, we will be headed toward the most-awaited match of the company is about a clash between Daniel Bryan Vs The Fiend for the Universal Championship. The fiend has been mentally putting Daniel into depression by kicking him out for the constant savagery as he did the same on last week's SmackDown show where The Fiend came spreading his red light in an ongoing Tag-team match.

He brought the devastation when Daniel was preparing to have launched his Knee Breaker move on King Corbin but suddenly he appeared and sent Daniel Bryan through the announce table. Now it will be interesting to what's next for Daniel Bryan. Somehow, Roman Reigns is likely to take place in Royal Rumbles' entry when he argued Daniel Bryan in an interview that he if Daniel wins Universal Championship than he would be battling against him at Wrestlemania by winning Men's Royal Rumble.

The beast has also decided to #1 entrance at Royal Rumble. It was declared by Paul Hyman when Brock Returned to WWE. The men's Royal Rumble will include Raw and SmakDown brand by isolating 15-man of each.

So let's predict those who could take place at Royal Rumble 2020.

anticipated entry from Raw

1. Brock laser(declared)

2. Rey Mysterio(declared)

3.Seth Rollins

4. Randy Orton(declared)

5. AJ Styles(declared)

6. Drew McIntyre(declared)

7. Ricochet(declared)

8. Kevin Owens

9. Samoa joe

10. Rusev

11. Bobby Lashley

12. Aleister Black

13. Buddy murphy

14. Erick Rowan

15. Rey Mysterio(declared)


1.Roman Reigns(confirmed on Last SmackDown episode)

2. King Corbin

3. Dolph Ziggler

4. Sheamus

5. The Miz

6. Mustafa Ali

7. Mustafa Ali

8. Cesaro

9. Otis

10. John Morrison

11. Drew Gulak

12. Dash Wilder

13. Jimmy

14. Jey

15. Dash Wilder

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