WWE Royal Rumble Announcement | WWE Adds Five Superstars To Men's Royal Rumble Match

Anfostar Team Sat Jan 11, 2020
WWE Royal Rumble Announcement | WWE Adds Five Superstars To Men's Royal Rumble Match
SmackDown has set another Royal Rumbl's entrance form SmackDown brand, Ziggler, King Corbin, Tucker, Otis, and, Elias they will be participating at 30-man Royal Rumble battle.

The tradition took place in 1988 with a high stack which is worldly appreciated for its creation indeed. The two participants and Superstars enter the ring at equal pauses. The battle to get a chance for taking on WWE Champion at WrestleMania continues until all 30 enters the ring. Elimination happens when a Superstar is delivered over the top rope, and both of his feet hit the floor and the last standing superstar wins the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble 2020 is approaching on its high verge and there have been a few contestants decided sofar at the instant but there we have found some of the most stipulated entry of Royal Rumble Match. We have seen that sofar two matches have taken place and those are for a championship.

The men's Royal Rumble will include Raw and SmakDown brand by isolating 15-man of each. on the other side, The beast has also decided to #1 entrance at Royal Rumble. It was declared by Paul Hyman when Brock Returned to WWE.

Below are the sofar declared entrance for Royal Rumble

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar (declares #1 entrance)

Roman Reigns(Smackdown)

Erick Rowan(Raw)

AJ Styles(Raw)

Randy Orton(Raw)

Rey Mysterio(Raw)


Drew McIntyre(Raw)


King Corbin(Smackdown)




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