WWE Royal Rumble Romors | 3 Superstars Who Could Make Their Royal Ruble Entrant

Anfostar Team Mon Jan 20, 2020
WWE Royal Rumble Romors | 3 Superstars Who Could Make Their Royal Ruble Entrant
Welcome to Anfostar_The Royal Rumble is getting conscious as it is making no way out of exciting day by day. So far we have seen three big returns including Big Show, Sheamus and, Kane who came by their devastating appearance s a few weeks ago. Now there have a few more anticipated returns who would also make their return to part in Royal Rumble.

So let's go down who we have in the prediction

Nia Jax

The rumors are covering the area which minds the exclusive in-ring return of The Former WWE Raw Women's champion. Nia Jax has spread her harm-giving might in WWE Universe and she is surely required to be back as soon as she could make it. Nia Jax last competed In April, at WrestleMania 35, Jax and Tamina took part in a fatal four-way match for the Women's Tag Team Championship. However, they lost the match and Within a short of the span, it was announced that Jax has suffered anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears on both of her knees will sideline her from in-ring competition for at least nine months in order to require surgery to repair them. Currently, she is a member of the Raw brand and could make her Royal rumble entrance. Now the rumors round-up that she is supposed to get back in-ring action as she is showing her interest by replying to her fans' tweets.


Earlier we saw that serval WWE superstars were out there to promote WWE's new UK TV deal with BT Sport. Later we saw Paige And Stephanie McMahon appeared on Good Morning Britain to promote WWE's new UK TV deal with BT Sport where they talked about the various kind of topics and Paige's return to WWE was one of the most interesting. Stephanie McMahon was asked about the have moved their home then she said we for the first time in 30 years, we are with a new partner in the UK BT sport and they have embraced us in such a huge way we were so proud to be their partner.

Paige on making the women's headline then she replied that it's amazing to have a boss lady who alway been supportive to every lady in the Wrestling.

Paige was also asked about women get criticized for doing something "that is CEO knows a manly" Page agreed and said Oh, of course, we have been in a male-dominated industry for years, but you know what? "The women have just grown so much" and "I feel like when the women do go out their own thing," "that they outshine the guys most of the time". 'A lot fo the time." came out as the addition from Stephanie McMahon.

Paige was asked about what was something that let you retire from WWE. Paige answered_you know sometimes you just push yourself too hard because you do, you want to entertain the masses but yes you know and you are very loyal to your fans that you think you don't relax Eva so I had the neck surgery I came back and I like pushing myself too far even WWE is like you need to slow down I was like nowhere you keep going and unfortunately yeah !! it led to me having to retire.

Paige was asked if we might get to see her come out of retirement for another WWE match. Well, "not for a hot minute, she added" "But you know!! "never say never" of course. You always yeah!! "you don't want to put any doubt underneath them", but hopefully one day!!.

Cain Velasquez

The two-time former UFC heavyweight champion is finally ready to blow up by confessing his Royal Rumble entry and will lock horns with his intense rival Brock Lesnar at the January 26, 30-man event in Houston, Texas. Velasquez told things when he was in London along with fellow wrestlers Paige, Sheamus, Andrade Cien and Kurt Angle at SunSport were They were promoting the WWE's move to BT Sport.

According to the report from SunSport, which indicates that when Velasquez was asked about this year's Royal Rumble, Velasquez replied: "I think I'm doing it, right, I think so. "I can win it, hell yeah, that's my mentality for everything. "For everyone as well, that is how your mentality has to be. "I'm going in to win this thing," he told in an exclusive.

Velasquez has been holding the grip with his much talked rival Brock Lesnar. Velasquez made his MMA debut on October 7, 2006, where he earned a UFC Heavyweight Championship fight with then-champ Brock Lesnar at UFC 121. Velasquez defeated Lesnar via TKO in the first round and earned the honor to win the championship against The beast. Now he retired to UFC.

On October 4, 2019, on the first episode of SmackDown as well as it was the show's 20th Anniversary. It he came to aid of Rey Mysterio when Brock made it personal by attacking Rey's family member. He forced Brock Lasner to flee from there then Velasquez got scheduled to face Lesnar at Crown Jewel for the WWE Championship on October 31, 2019, making his first-ever in-ring debut in WWE. However, he lost to Brock Laner in an early Tap-out.

After the match, Brock Laner attacked him with a steel chair and then apparently sent him through on the steel chairs with F5. Velasquez told about his bad night at Crown Jewell when he lost to Brock Lesnar "I thought with the MMA that would be enough, go in there with the same style and same gameplan. "But this is a different animal. Brock is the man here, so I ended up getting caught, the match was going my way, he caught me at the end. He said "I just have to keep pushing forward. I am never going to stop fighting to go out there and beat him again."

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