WWE SamckDown News Dec 20, 2019 | Dana Brooke takes a rematch with Bayley

Anfostar Team Fri Dec 20, 2019
WWE SamckDown News Dec 20, 2019 | Dana Brooke takes a rematch with Bayley
Last week we saw Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley having interview talk, she was asked about Lacey Evans who was attacked by her last time and she called her out. She said Bayley doesn't care what people think any longer. She's doing this for herself. Bayley says this title is what it's about, and she's a champion now.

Elias, who is with Dana Brooke, interrupted Bayley and went near to them saying to be get disrupted. He sang a song pointing Bayley in there. Dana laughed on her which stirred Baley to challenge Dana for a match and that was spoken into a "yes" tune by her. However, Dana Brooke was defeated by Bayley but the Smackdown episode we got to see the hot exchange on tweeter between Dana and Bayley

Dana Brooke wrote replying Baley "Last week wasn’t about stepping up to YOUR level Bayley it was about showing Smackdown and the Universe what I am capable of, How about another go, champ. This prompted Smackdown Women's champion, Bayley to accept the challenge. On which she took down that Well, there’s your first mistake, trying to impress the WWE universe. And even though you don’t really deserve another shot with me, I’ll allow it. Just not for my championship.

Will history repeat itself, or can Dana Brooke make a major statement?

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