WWE SamckDown Results: Recap, Venue(December 6, 2019)

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 07, 2019
WWE SamckDown  Results: Recap, Venue(December 6, 2019)
We are live from Crown Coliseum at Fayetteville, NC, let me get you shortly with some quick results_king vows to humiliate Roman Reigns, tonight will feature a match Dolf Ziggler Vs Roman Reigns, what happened with Daniel Brayan.

here your are tonight show Kicks off!!!

Tonight's WWE SmackDown kicked off with a video screening back at what happened last week with Daniel Bryan and WWE Universal Champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

Tonight's guest was supposed to be Daniel Bryan but the former leader of the YES! the movement has yet to be found as we found The Miz- He said that I was supposed to start the show with MizTV and Daniel Bryan as my guest, but after the horrific actions last week, Bryan has disappeared he further sounded off that he knows Bryan better than a lot of people because of their history, and "I believe we saw the real Bryan last week as The Yes Movement returned, but The Fiend yanked it away and now Bryan is nowhere to be found. he said that I never liked Bryan, but he cares"

But suddenly the situation turned screening The Fiend, he said you don't know about Bryan, I am not sure if you even want to know what happened because Bryan could be with him. I might not be done with Bryan. Then he headed saying that Bryan is supposed to come to play with me at TLC, but he's not sure if he will be able to make it, so maybe you to play at TLC instead.

The Miz turned the attention on him by saying that Daniel belongs to WWE Family Then suddenly He picked up a framed photo of The Miz, Maryse, and their kids. Wyatt asked Miz if you want to come to play with me now. The Mizz turned his back to the backstage by showing a frustration

Next, we looked at a singles match

Singles match

Alexa Bliss Vs Mandy Rose

Winner : Alexa Bliss, victory followed by pinfall

Soon we headed towards the backstage, The Miz was much horrified with what was said by The Fiend, and the wait was put to the bin as we saw the appearance of Wyatt he distorted The Mizz as choosing the new family

Fatal 4 Way 1 Contender Elimination Match_ Mustafa Ali and Shorty G vs. The Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery Launched The Compactor on Metalik to get the pin. Lucha House Party has been eliminated. Meanwhile, they have been hued by The New Day but soon all set to back, The Rival has been eliminated now it stands Mustafa, G Face, Mustafa was already made not to stand as The Rival though him over the barricade, and later they eliminated G Face to get a ticket for TLC.......

Winner : 1 Contenders- The Revival

After the match They still had something to say about The New Day, they said that it's a new day no more, we're taking it back to the old days, the fundamentals, what brought them to the dance. - old school, old fashioned, tag team wrestling. They said that before the TLC they can do what they like to do because after the TLC they are gonna snatch WWE Tag Team Championship and they can set behind crying on the matters because they got beat by the best tag team in WWE, The Revival

we got instant back to the backstage with Roman he was about King Corbin then he said that I am not worried about Corbin or anyone with me. he went on saying that at TLC, I will embarrass Corbin with a table, a ladder, or a chair. Reigns then he got pissed off

Singles Match

Lacey Evans vs Haley Jones

Winner : Lacey Evans, victory followed by pinfall

We are not done here as we see The Boss arrived to stage to confront Lacey Evans.....Sasha said to wait in the ring they have some unfinished business to be dealt, she said "you are pathetic, a little Marry Poppins-wannabe she made a woo to Evans by saying that you are a pathetic role model to her bratty little 6-year-old daughter Banks caught Evans to say that you never, ever mess with her or Bayley again_ Meanwhile Evans short out The Boss that not only I am e a mother, I am a Marine and trust her, you don't want her to put those boots back on.... she said you and Bayley are pathetic when it comes to being leaders. at the spur of the moment, she thew Shasa on the ground and Evans headed out of the ring but she was behind attacked by Baley and the shot aired off...

Singles match

Roman Reigns Vs Dolf Ziggler

The Big made his entry with the kind of mind which have been set up by Kind Corbin as he vowed to humiliate him- all got fixed to kick-off. Meanwhile, King Corbin entered the ring to distract Roman Reigns out of losing the game. as we come to the conclusion as Roman launched the Speared On Ziggler and squared off the matter

Winner : Roman Reigns, victory followed by Pinfall

After the match Roman stood tall to celebrate the victory but that was cut to the short by Corbin minding a resolution to humiliate Roman. he went through to conserve himself but nothing went into the favour as Dolf Ziggler and King Corbin with their security guard put a blend of power bangs on Roman. they shackled Roman to the ring cord and pelt down some chief kinds of stuff on Roman Reigns and this is how he stayed back on the words to humiliate the Big Dog and with this Smackdown went off the air

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