WWE SmackDown: AJ Styles Vs. Nakamura For IC Tournament Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 23, 2020
WWE SmackDown: AJ Styles Vs. Nakamura For IC Tournament Full Recap
AJ Styles has advanced on Nakamura and now he is ready to face off Elias Next week on SmacKDown.

Kindley read the full recap below.

AJ Styles walked down to the ring to face off Nakamura to stack his chance for the Intercontinental championship. Nakamura followed the ring with Cesaro. The bail rang and AJ with grip on Nakamura in the turnbuckle. The referee split him up. Nakamura with a shoulder lock. Nice leap Frog by Nakamura but AJ Styles would have Drop Kick to take down Nakamura.

They went for the exchanges of the punches, Nakamura drove AJ into the turnbuckle. Nakamura went near to him and applied a kick to take out Aj. He himself lead out of the ring. We went for the commercial break with Nakamura standing outside of the ring.

After the break, Nakamura was controlling with his long time rival AJ styles. Nakamura with some kick, AJ came back into the match with a kick on the back of the neck. AJ blew up some harm on Nakamura. We saw Nakamura getting back into the match as he kicked AJ. It was hard to know about the winner of the match as they went to drive each other in the exchanges. Nakamura with a Sliding Knee for the cover, 1, 2...AJ Kicked out.

Nakamura looked to have another move but this time AJ caught him for the Styles Clash at the middle of the ring, he went for the cover, 1, 2...and Nakamura with a shocking kick out. Later, they fought at the apron, Nakamura with a kick but AJ blocked it, and finally, led the Phenomenal Four Arm to win the match.

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