WWE SmackDown Breaking News | Roman Reigns attacks Baron Corbin twice

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 28, 2019
WWE SmackDown Breaking News | Roman Reigns attacks Baron Corbin twice
Welcome to Anfostar_As we predicted about the possible return of Roman Reign and he did make it come true who came last night attacking Corbin twice. It was absolutely a true happiness fo Roam's fan as he returned.

Tonight's SmackDown came down to the ring to kick off the show and started singing song handling the guitar. The final 2019 SmackDown got started with the entrance of Daniel Bryan who is out for the Triple Threat match. Next, it came of The King_he had a mic to say something Daniel Bryan, he said hold on, I am the king he is going to do SmackDown his way. Then he taunted the fans as bottom-feeders and says they are jealous of his career. Further, he pointed at Daniel and The Miz saying that you both are not even a good father, he further addressed that he is should be deserved to the champion because he has defeated Roman Reigns twice meanwhile, The Big Dog attacked The King as he suddenly appeared out in the Arena, he was fired up to beat down Baron, later he went for the Superman punch on King and got him forced to flee from there. he was got to be in the training room, he was uncomplet to fight Triple Threat match and that's how the match was taken to ahead because of the king Corbin.

Daniel Bryan launched a knee breaker on Corbin and immediately tried to go for the cover but who the hell came down. It was none-other then Dolph who launched superkick on Daniel and let Corbin to cover 1, 2,...but he was dragged by The Big Dog who crushed Dolph and king one by one and sent Corbin out of the Arean which enabled Corbin to fight back for the match and later it turned out to be a Singles match.

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