WWE SmackDown Breaking News | Roman Reigns previses Baron Corbin ahead of the TLC Match

Published on Sat Dec 14,2019 By Anfostar Team

Recently Roman cuffed by the hand to the ring post stating Baron Corbin and Dolph Giggler to the cause. But Roman paid back to today. He beat down Corbin with same block hands, once they were cuffed. It just was a great heading into the match. Later by getting hands-on Baron, he was flashed in the backstage.

Let's find out what he has to say for Corbin as a message for the TLC match, happening this Sunday on Dec. 15.

Roman Reigns came forth when Baron and Dolph were resolved to cuff Kofi Kingstone. he dashed down everyone who barege within him. This. is how he proved that he has placed himself on the high anger and he is going to vent it on Corbin on TLC.

He said the last moment was pretty good but last time it was not my week I think this for the situation is a great example for we get knocked down and you have to stay there. I have to keep that ego on my face and stay embrace, you can correct any situation that's what I did tonight. He said walking there was fired.

You think that was crazy but it's nothing!! T have got so much left into the take. Then he went on warning Corbin that he can enjoy the moment until I get down him on TLC. He said "you are in my world now" no more king and there is only and that is Roman reigns,/p>

Roman Reigns also took his tweeter to share that "hope you all had fun last week, it won't be fun for you all much longer

Roman Reigns WWE Smackdown Baron Corbin

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