WWE SmackDown Breaking News| The Fiend Reaches at Miz's house

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 14, 2019
WWE SmackDown Breaking News| The Fiend Reaches at Miz's house
SmackDown had a line up earlier to set with Miz in the form of having an interview from Renee Young. There were the serval questions thrown by young to miz. Meanwhile, the interview Miz yelled over shouting Wyatt. later we got to know that The Fiend came to disrupt their family as he placed a toy to let Miz's daughter play with it. He said family is the most important thing for him.

Let's go down to the whole process

we saw Renee Young having an interview with The Miz. She pointed out at Daniel Brayan if Miz has information on Daniel Bryan's status. He replied saying that last time he saw Bryan, he was being pulled under the ring by WWE Universal Champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt we saw how the Miz was so afraid about what happened to him last time. Later Renee asked about Wyatt attacking him last week.,

Miz said Wyatt loves to play mind games and he gets that because he's played them his whole career also, but Wyatt crossed a line that you don't cross. further said "he is a changed man to these days, he's a father, and there's something that happens when you first hold your daughter in your hands. He's the father to two daughters now and that's why he's in LA and not in Milwaukee. He has much cared about his family. He said he had no other choice except to fight with him.

At no glance, we get to hear miz's wife Maryse yelling in the back and Miz went forward to see what actually got happened. Immediately we saw on the iPad, her daughter playing with The Fiend's toy then they both rushed towards the kind of room where she was supposed to be. She was much afraid of the toy. Miz asked did you see anyone here? he ordered the camera crew that we're done here. and that's how they got out from there.

After happening this all we got the appearance of The Fiend He said 'I was just trying to be nice, after all, it's the holiday season. I know how much The Miz loves his family, which is what makes this hard. He went on saying that "Miz was so wrapped up in what happened to Bryan, that he exposed himself. He thinks Bryan is still with him, but Miz is with Wyatt. He can teach Miz how not to love, he just has to... let him in. The last he said i will The Miz at TLC and then he diappeared

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