WWE SmackDown Breaking News: 'The Fiend' joins The Miz's family

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 07, 2019
WWE SmackDown Breaking News: 'The Fiend' joins The Miz's family
One of the most dazzling turn over of the Smackdown. we got to see in tonight episode as 'The Fiend' attacked The Miz on the backstage. All the things started to kick off when The Mizz came out to address the audience about Daniel Brayan, then suddenly we were grabbed by live video clip of The Fiend.

let me get you visited of what happened with Miz when The Fiend crashed with him.

Tonight's guest was supposed to be Daniel Bryan but the former leader of the YES! the movement has yet to be found as we found The Miz- He said that I was supposed to start the show with MizTV and Daniel Bryan as my guest, but after the horrific actions last week, Bryan has disappeared he further sounded off that he knows Bryan better than a lot of people because of their history, and "I believe we saw the real Bryan last week as The Yes Movement returned, but The Fiend yanked it away and now Bryan is nowhere to be found. he said that I never liked Bryan, but he cares."

But suddenly the situation turned screening The Fiend, he said you don't know about Bryan, I not sure if you even want to know what happened because Bryan could be with him. I might not be done with Bryan. Then he headed saying that Bryan is supposed to come to play with me at TLC, but he's not sure if he will be able to make it, so maybe you to play at TLC instead.

The Miz turned the attention on him by saying that Daniel belongs to WWE Family, Then suddenly He picked up a framed photo of The Miz, Maryse, and their kids. Wyatt asked Miz if you want to come to play with me now. The Mizz turned his back to the backstage by showing a frustration.

Afterwards Mizz was put through the backstage making a phone call to his wife. He said his wife to be careful until he reaches home. Immediately Mizz was caught by the red light of Fiend as he arrived there and dashed him down the ground and went away with leaving a laugh at Mizz

It was later officially decided that The Miz will go one-on-one with Universal Champion BrayWyatt at TLC

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