WWE SmackDown Breaking News | The Usos Return To Aid Of Roman Reigns

Anfostar Team Sat Jan 04, 2020
WWE SmackDown Breaking News | The Usos Return To Aid Of Roman Reigns
Tonight had the two new faces on smackdown, the was Sheamus and then I came Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso meet Ziggler with a double superkick. They sent Corbin out and then nails a double suicide dive on both. The two great superstars are back from the in-ring action for a long time but today claimed their return to the aid of Roman Reigns against King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler.

Happy to be back!!

we saw Dolph Ziggler having on Roman Reigns, he tagged with king Corbin and he pushed Roman in the Corbin to let him stuck there, Roman Reigns made tag with Daniel and king with Dolph, Bryan was absolutely looking perfect as he went on hitting Dolph, then Daniel went for the submission move to pin Dolph but the pin was broken by King Corbin, Daniel again went for the knee breaker on Dolph and went fro cover but we saw suddenly The Fiend appeared and caused a lot destruction on Daniel Bryan.

He was lying helpless on the broken announce table not completely ready to pick the match, another side we King and Dolph Ziggler tried to humiliate Roman Reigns for one more time but it was The Usos return who came up to aid of Roaman Reigns, eventually, they pissed off King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler and with this SmackDown went off air.

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