WWE SmackDown: Charlotte Flair(NXT) Vs. Bayley(SmackDown) Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 23, 2020
WWE SmackDown: Charlotte Flair(NXT) Vs. Bayley(SmackDown) Full Recap
Bayley and Sasha Banks were backstage talking about their match with Charlotte Flair. Baley had something to say, Sasha Banks which might have been a blow to Sasha. Bayley said Tonight she is going to the ring without your back, so, in concern people can think that she can win the match without your back. Bayley left the ring with Hug to Sasha Bank.

Charlotte Flair walked down to the ring to face off Bayle in a Champions Vs. Champions match. Bayley headed towards the ring without Sasha Banks. The bail rang and they both held a lock, Charlotte with right hand on Bayley to take her out. Bayley somehow managed further kicks from Charlotte Flair. Charlotte Flair with some clever moves and drove her out of the ring. Charlotte Drove Bayley through the barricade, and went near to the announce table. She took the mic and called out Sasha Banks so she could get her hands on both of them.

We went for the commercial break as Charlotte Flair stood tall out of the ring. After, the break we saw Charlotte holding Bayley in complete control, Charlotte dragged Bayley into the turnbuckle. Charlotte Flair with right hand on Charlotte out of the ring and backed her to the barricade.

Bayley made her way back into the ring. Bayley got back into the match leading some shots on Charlotte Flair. Bayley with knee strick on Charlotte. Bayley went for another shot but this time Charlotte caught him to launch a slam. Charlotte Flair with a massive boot to Bayley and went for the cover, 1, 2...Bayley kicked out.

Now, Bayley took the control in the match with some knee stricks, Bayley at the top of the rope and jumped, Charlotte blocked the move and turned out to be with a submission move, Bayley was quite enough to break it out. Bayley now at the top of the rope and uploaded her move on Charlotte, but kicked out at two.

Bayley with shots but it did not affect to Charlotte Flair as she laughed, Charlotte Flair had enough with Bayley. Charlotte took Bayley into the turnbuckle and drove some shots, Charlotte Flair rolled Bayley near to the apron but here came a turning roll from Bayley to win the match.

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