WWE SmackDown: Daniel Bryan Joins Roman Reigns To Defeat The Miz And John Morrison

Anfostar Team Sat Feb 15, 2020
WWE SmackDown: Daniel Bryan Joins Roman Reigns To Defeat The Miz And John Morrison
Welcome to Anfostar_The mystery partner was found out to be Daniel Bryan in joining Roman Reigns which was the best option for Roman Reigns.

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The Miz and John Morrison entered the ring. They had the mic who talked trash about The Usos and they flaunted over to be the greatest tag-team in WWE and said they are going to defeat The New Day at Super Showdown. Roman Reigns entered the ring to have his match but still, we got to find the mystery partner for the match. We saw Daniel Bryan joined Roman Reigns for the match. We saw Corbin was walking from the crowd side showing a ticket in his hand. It looked that he approached as a fan to watch up the match. Roman Reigns could not believe in what just happened.

The match continued, after the match we saw Roman Reigns and John Morrison were in the tag, Roman Reigns took John to his side's ring post to put out kicks on John, Roman changed the tag with Daniel. He took the charge by kicking out both member from The Dirt Sheet. Daniel went on the top taking John with him and sent him flying from the top. Daniel sent down to the ring with Superkick where he was tagged by Roman Reigns, Baron Corbin watching them all from down, Roman Reigns turned his talk towards Corbin which brought help for The Miz to hit Roman Reigns. Daniel came in the defence. John Morrison went to the top of the ring and jumped from on Daniel and Roman Reigns, both were down.

After the break, Daniel Bryan was having the tag with The Mia as his opponent. The Miz took Daniel on the top rope and looked that he was going to make suplex for the top but Daniel skipped the moment by escaping from there. Daniel made the tag with Roman Reing and John Also handled the tag with The Miz. Roman Reign was on he boost in taking down Miz. Meanwhile, The Miz forged the way to make the tag with John Morrison and Daniel to Roman Reigns to another side. John Morrison prepared to go for Superkick but it was blocked by Roman Reigns and finally made his Superman Punch on John to win the match.

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