WWE SmackDown: Dolph Ziggler Enraged Otis To Beat Down The Miz And Morrison On SmackDown

Anfostar Team Sat Mar 21, 2020
WWE SmackDown: Dolph Ziggler Enraged Otis To Beat Down The Miz And Morrison On SmackDown
Welcome to Anfostar_Earlier we saw The Miz and Morrison were interrupted by Heavy Machinery while they were having to do with The Dirt Sheet. The bail rang and we saw Otis and The Miz into the ring. They took a very short and The Miz tagged with Morrison. He came into the ring and kicked an upper leg on Otis's stomach, Otis went onto avoided the hit from Morrison.

Otis went at the edge of the ring. He made the tag and both worked as the team to kick The Miz out of the ring. At another side, Turker took out Morrison with a kick on his Jaw. Tucker came back in the ring to lead on The Miz but this time The Miz was highly prepared to lead in the match.

The Miz went on to tag with Morrison who claimed some damages on Tucker and went with The Miz for the tag. Tucker took the charge in the match and tried to tag with Otis but meanwhile, the music hit and Dolph Ziggler came as the twist in the match. Otis looked at him and at another side The Miz sent Otis on the ground with a kick on his face. The Miz with Facebrust at Tucker for the pin but he kicked out at two.

After the break, all was set. We saw Tucker tired at several times to make the tag and finally, he did it. Otis came in the ring take out both of them. Otis sent Miz and Morrison to the destruction and he prepared for his move but he was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler who showed some of his picks with Mandy Rose which enraged Otis and he went down to take out Dolph Ziggler.

He went down, Ziggler tried to flee from there but he caught him at the barricade and tried to hit him down but meanwhile, Miz and Morrison came as an interruption to stop him but nothing took a stopping for them as Otis hit both of them through the ring post-Morrison tried to jump down on Otis from the announce table but Otis caught him into the air to hit to the ring post.

Otis now with a big splash to barricade on both of them. Otis took the chair but he was stopped by Tucker, Otis took a pose and hit brutalized both of them with hits from chairs. He took the complete destruction.

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