WWE SmackDown: Goldberg Returns To SmackDown Ahead Of Title Match At Super Showdown

Anfostar Team Thu Feb 20, 2020
WWE SmackDown: Goldberg Returns To SmackDown Ahead Of Title Match At Super Showdown
Welcome to Anfostar_Goldbrg is returning this Friday Night SmackDown ahead of his Universal Championship match with The Fiend who earlier let the challenge accepted from Goldberg. The episode will from Phoenix, Arizona. Last week Bray Wyatt attempted to entice Goldberg but he was quick to cut off The Fiend by laying down the challenge. Goldberg will prepare to become second-time Universal Champion as told us last week that he is badly off Universal Championship, so he will be eager to challenge The Fiend. allowance was instantly followed by The Fiend. Now Goldberg is set to enter read light of Goldberg which makes approx let down. What will happen when Goldberg steep up in the red light?

The challenge has been laid down by Bill Goldberg he will be having his title shot against Universal Champion Bray Wyatt at Super Showdown in Sudia Arbi. On his return, he was supposed to come down in the ring but he did not appear in the ring as it was announced that he will be revealing his opponent from his home in Texas, live via satellite. Now he will be back to make his appearance on this Friday Night edition.

Earlier we also noticed that Soon-to-be Hall of Famer Hulk Hugon was on the camera who discussed Universal Championship match between The Fiend and Goldberg. He said I have understood the power of Goldberg being in the ring with him but talking about The Fiend then he is a scary man as what he has done in WWE.

Hulk said The Fiend is going to face Goldberg so it's the biggest challenge for him. Wray Wyatt interrupted Hulk and joked about what was said by Hulk which took Hulk to speak that you have nice jokes to do but this is not a joke that you are going to face Goldberg.

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