WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy Vs. Sheamus Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 23, 2020
WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy Vs. Sheamus Full Recap
Sheamus was on a good iteration to win the match but at the spur of the time Jeff Hardy would roll him up to win the match.

We were back into the ring with our final match of the show. They both settle down in the ring, the bail rang and Jeff Hardy with hand lock, Sheamus turned with his own lock later. Sheamus drove some punches while Jeff was hanging at the rope, Sheamus with a big Elbow to take down Jeff on the ground.

Sheamus tried to insult him but Jeff would make his way back into the match and sent him out of the ring with Drope kick, he then launched himself backing Sheamus to the barricade, jeff was at the apron and looked to have another move but this time Sheamus caught him from his back and sent him through the announce table.

After the break, Sheamus was driving crazy on Jeff Hardy. The Final first-round match was looking to be with Sheamus with the way he was harming Jeff Hardy. Sheamus with knee strick to take down Jeff Hardy, Sheamus with Close line but Jeff ducked it once, Sheamus caught him for another successful Closeline.

Sheamus with a Backbreaker, it was not once but he did it thrice to take the complete control in the match. Sheamus now caught Jeff at the apron for back to back punches on his chest. Suddenly, Jeff showed some power by seeing Sheamus into the turnbuckle, Jeff with his move for the cover, but Sheamus kicked out at two. Jeff Hardy took Sheamus out of the ring and sent him through the ring post.

Jeff atop of the barricade to launch high jump. Jeff took him back into the ring and set him off for a high jump, Sheamus with knee up escaped from the jump. He later had a Superkick for the cover 1, 2, and Jeff kicked out shocking Sheamus. Soon after the Superkick, Sheamus prepared to have Brague Kick but Jeff rolled him up to win the match.

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