WWE SmackDown: Kofi Kingstone Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Full Recap(July 3, 2020)

Jitendra Jangir Sun Jul 05, 2020
WWE SmackDown: Kofi Kingstone Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Full Recap(July 3, 2020)
The New Day walked down to the ring, Big E with an interesting entrance rolling through the entrance. Kofi was up for a match against Nakamura. Cesaro and Nakamura made their way out into the ring.

Both stood into the ring as the bail rang, Kofi with Dropkick taking Nakamura down to the apron, Kofi went for the suicide Dive but Nakamura sided, Kofi followed him back, Nakamura hit Kofi to the ring post, Kofi grabbed Nakamura and sent him through the barricade. They both were into the ring. Kofi at the top of the ring post, Nakamura took the advantage by landing a kick to Kofi.

Censaro from behind taking a shot on Kofi as the official was engaged in a talk with Big E, We saw Big E from behind with a huge running shoulder to take down Censaro, The official ordered Big E to follow the way out of the arena. Big E went out. Cesaro at the top of the apron which as well as left official to expel Cesaro from there. Back from the break, Nakamura in control. Kofi tried to way back with couple of right hands on Nakamura.

We saw Kofi with some shots but Nakamura once again took control over Kofi, Nakamura, with a running knee as Kofi hung at the top of the apron. They both were back into the ring as Kofi with Standing Dropkick to Nakamura. Kofi all the way up to the top for the jump but Nakamura with knee up to have the damages on Kofi, Nakamura with Superkick and then tried to have another but Kofi stood on this feet and landed a driving move for the cover but kicked out at two.

Kofi Kingstone with another move for the cover but once again kicked out, Kofi looked for the move, but Nakamura running knee for the cover to win the match.

Winner : Nakmura, via pinfall

Nakamura stood tall into the ring, Cesaro followed the ring, Cesaro went to bring out the table but Big E made the save.

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