WWE SmackDown | Lacey Evans Challenges Bayley For Title Match At Royal Rumble

Anfostar Team Sat Jan 18, 2020
WWE SmackDown | Lacey Evans Challenges Bayley For Title Match At Royal Rumble
Welcome to Anfostar_The breaking news is falling that Lacy Evans will pick her match against SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley At Royal Ruble, the announcement took place when Lacey Evans defeated Bayley in a singles match.

Let's have a look on the full recap

Earlier we saw backstage Lacey Evans, Sasha Banks, and Bayley were taking the complete rampage before having their match on the same night immediately the referee came out to isolate them.

After the complete destruction Bayley and Sasha Banks Re-emerged in the training room, Sasha banks were not ready to pick the fight and the announcer replaced Bayley for the match and a match for Title at Royal Rumble

Bayley came in the ring with unaided to pick the match, during the match Bayley went out of the ring at the hearing of the ring and lacey followed her feet and finally, they were in the ring, lacey got Bayley to the grab and beat down her, Bayley got the trick to beat the back damages.

lacey was looking much higher than Bayley as she showed her tedious moves on Bayley, Lacey went on the top of the ring and jumped but Bayley with knees up and took her for the damage and threw her out of the ring to take the complete cause on her. Bayley took her back in the ring and made the knee breaker on her, Bayley went top of the ring post to jump off Bayley but Lacey got escaped from there to pin Bayley for the victory

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