WWE SmackDown Latest News | John Morrison Battles Big E Next Week SmackDown

Anfostar Team Wed Jan 15, 2020
WWE SmackDown Latest News | John Morrison  Battles Big E Next Week SmackDown
SmacDown brought out Morrison in-ring action as he launched worth watching superkick on Big E which later set about a Singles match for the next week Raw.

Let's see what went through in the ring

The miz Kicked off the show with the impeccable entry he came to address the Miz T.v since on SmackDown he entangled Kofi Kingstone and people said you he is changed but some don't like to smile when they are in much in something so did he. The Fiend ruined my family and what he did was expectable but one thing that he makes him happy and that is the return of someone that he feels like a family then introduced his best tag-team partner John Morrison.

He started shutting up the WWE universe by saying that you guys don't understand what situation The Miz has gone through and you chant "you suck"!! you should appreciate for The Miz, then he was interrupted by The New Day, Kofi said they don't buy Miz's apology because he's a bad actor he would've respected Miz more if he just said he had a bad day last week like we all have, Miz is changing from Cool Miz to Obnoxious Annoying Miz, and what that means is the people are 100% correct when they say he sucks. "You suck!" later they set about the match between Kofi vs Miz.

Meanwhile, in the match, The Miz got conflict with Big E who tried to save Kofi, meanwhile, John Morrison launched his move on Big E and The Miz went into the ring to pin Kofi Kingston to win the match.

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