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WWE SmackDown Latest News | Sasha Banks To One-on-One with Lacey Evans

Updated On: Sat Jan 04, 2020 By Anfostar Team


Finally, Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans have got odds to go One-on-One on this Friday Night SmackDown. Sasha Banks has plenty of scores now it's time for Lacey to out her. The feud prevailed between two of the superstars when Sasha Banks mocked at Evans’ family, including her 7-year-old daughter since then Lacey was trying to find the way out to vanquish over Sasha Banks but the chance like this did not appear for her. However, last night Dana Brooke and Lacey Evans let them put the weapons against them by defeating but it was right enough there is still a score to settle down with Sasha Banks.

Now she has the complete access to blow her down After weeks of personal attacks and plenty of flying fists, Lacey Evans and Sasha Banks will square off next week on Friday Night SmackDown.

The Boss is not someone to get defeated easy, it's gonna perspire Lacey Evans if she wants a victory, let's figure it out, who wins?

WWE Smackdown Sasha Banks Lacey Evans

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