WWE SmackDown Latest news Jan. 10, 2020 | Robert Roode Returns To WWE On SmackDown

Anfostar Team Wed Jan 15, 2020
WWE SmackDown Latest news Jan. 10, 2020 | Robert Roode Returns To WWE On SmackDown
We had a dazzling return tonight on SmackDown as Robert Roode came to the ring to beat down Roman Reign. Robert Roode was inaction for a few days when Roman Reigns stretched him out but tonight he had his return

The main event began with Dolph Ziggler and jey in the ring to kick off the match Jey had his hit connection on Dolph Ziggler, soon Dolph made the tag with King Corbin who came with a flow to knee down Jey on the ring, Jey somehow got the connection to hit King Corbin which forced Corbin to get out of the ring, both were set again in the ring, Jey made the tag with jimmy Uso who went to hurt King Corbin and later he went top of the ring but he was interrupted by The Rival who dropped jimmy down to the ground, The Rival went up where they were caught by Roman Reigns with a huge superman punch on both of them, The match kicked off once again with the safety from Roman Reigns, but you can't watch something happening without interruption when The situation is made to worse, within a little time Roman and King Corbin started to have brawl, Roman Reigns Launched the huge Spear on King Corbin which was resulted in a disqualification.

Roman Reigns prepared to drop Cobin on the commentary box but suddenly he was attacked by Robert Rood who was out to WWE for a few days, Robert Rood had his hand on Roman Reigns when he was joined by King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler who also beat down The Usos out of the ring, Robert Roode picked Spinebister on Roman Reigns to send him on Commentary box and that's how the show went off the air.

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