WWE SmackDown Live Results, Jan. 10, 2020 : Recap, The Usos Battle Corbin & Dolph Ziggler

Anfostar Team Sat Jan 11, 2020
WWE SmackDown Live Results, Jan. 10, 2020 : Recap, The Usos Battle Corbin & Dolph Ziggler
Welcome to Anfostar live results_Tonight SmackDown has more things in the store to be revealed as the Royal Rumble is around the corner. The show Kicks off from Ford Center Evansville Evansville, IN, which will feature The Usos take on Dolph Ziggler and King Corbin at their first match after the return. Lacey Evans will go one-on-one with Sasha Banks, Morrison Will turn on the answers with The Miz on Miz Tv and so on.

Here we go!!

The miz Kicked off the show with the impeccable entry he came to address the Miz T.v since on SmackDown he entangled Kofi Kingstone and people said you he is changed but some don't like to smile when they are in much in something so did he. The Fiend ruined my family and what he did was expectable but one thing that he makes him happy and that is the return of someone that he feels like a family then introduced his best tag-team partner John Morrison, He started shutting up the WWE universe by saying that you guys don't understand what situation The Miz has gone through and you chant "you suck"!! you should appreciate for The Miz, then he was interrupted by The New Day, Kofi said they don't buy Miz's apology because he's a bad actor he would've respected Miz more if he just said he had a bad day last week like we all have, Miz is changing from Cool Miz to Obnoxious Annoying Miz, and what that means is the people are 100% correct when they say he sucks. "You suck!" later they set about the match between Kofi vs Miz

Sigles Match

The Miz vs Kofi Kingstone

Big E and John Morrison were on the commentary box who were pulling up each other, the two superstars were ready to have a fight, Kofi sent The Miz out of the ring and went to make it more harmful but The Miz pushed him into Big E who was setting on the commentary chair which stirred Big E and he got up with instant heading towards The Miz, John Morrison also came forward to help The Miz after the break we saw all was set and Kofi Kingstone pinned The Miz and blew back to back kicks on The Miz, John Morrison and Big E were circling them for cheering their opponent, Kofi made the sky fly on The Miz launched DTD on Kofi, but that was not a deep-hurt for Kofi as he went to pin The Miz back to back, Kofi went at the top of the ring-rope to make a high fly but the Miz escaped from there sent Kofi out of the ring where he got conflict with Big E who tried to save Kofi, meanwhile, John Morrison launched his move on Big E and The Miz went into the ring to pinn kofi Kingston to win the match

Winner: The Miz, victory followed by pinfall

After the match we saw Elias in the ring to address the Royal Rumble music where he pointed out Roman Reigns, Lana & Bobby, Brock and Lesnar who tried his chance on Royal Rumble and that's how he went out of the ring.

We had our eyes on Mandy who came backstage with a Cake written I am sorry on it for Oites who were offended last time by Dolph Ziggler.

Sigles match Match

Mandy Rose Vs Alexa Bliss

Nikki Cross were circling the ring in the favor of their opponents, meanwhile, in the match, The Heavy Machinery came by interrupting them which immediately turned into an advantage for Mandy as he rolled up Alexa to win the match.

Winner: Mandy Rose, victory followed by pinfall

After the match we saw another match announcement between Braun Strowman Vs Nakamura

Sigles match Match

Lacey Vs Sasha Banks

We saw Lacey Evans headed towards the ring and waited for Sasha Banks and the music hit for Sasha banks but she did not appear in the ring, later we had somebody to appear on the big screen and it was none other than Bayley who announced that Sasha is not here for fight tonight but nothing was shocking for Lacey as she called out Bayley for the title match but Baley had her words for lacey Evans which enraged Lacey Evans who went forward to the Bayley locker room as she opened the room Bayley from behind to hit lacey, but she was able to get back and made it impactable on Bayley, referee came to stop Lacey.

Later we saw Daniel Bryan having an interview who was asked about The Fiend's attack he replied that he can't break me mentally, physically and by any way but he will break him at Royal Rumble by defeating him for the Universal Championship.

Sigles match Match

Braun Strowman Vs Nakmura

Both set to blow up, at the initial Braun sent Nakamura flying towards another side of the ring and continued to hit more moves on Nakamura, the huge man with huge intention was beating hell to Nakamura, Brun sent Nakamura out of the ring and also went down to cover him but he was taken into an interruption by Cesaro who hit Braun to send him into the barricade and Nakamura launched a superkick on Braun Strowman.

After the break we saw Nakamura was completely making his dominance over him by the help from both of his teammates' close line on Nakamurak The Monster just woke up, Nakamura forged the way out to kick a superkick on Braun Storwman, Cesaro came in ring with steel chair to hit Braun but instead were gotten down by Braun and he immediately the action against Nakamura when Nakamura took the title to hit the front side of title on Braun soon Braun Stowman forged the way to pin Nakamura to win the match.

Winner: Braun Stowman, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Braun stood tall handling the title and wished to have a title match with Nakamura, he is the massive-deep challenger for Intercontinental championship at Royal Rumble.

The Big Dog was the next to enter the ring, we were shown the progressive match Flo promo video of the return of The Usos, Roman Reigns had the mic to say that 2019 was a blessed year, He's been outnumbered he even has been humiliated by Corbin and by his crood but he always has the backup on them and this time he does not want the help from anyone else as he has got back from his family The Usos, he will win the Royal Rumble Match and then go on to main event WrestleMania for the fifth time and he's going to do that with those who have been at his side since day one, The Usos. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso entered the ring, They said it's been rough being on the sidelines for 5 months being away from this and they have seen lots of things taking place on SmackDown it was rougher watching The Big Dog defended himself against Corbin and his kingdom, they saw how King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler disrespected Roman Reigns, The Usos said Corbin disrespected Reigns with the dog food and he disrespected the whole family doing that, The Usos are about to get real disrespectful because kings come and go, but blood is forever, The Usos were about to welcome Corbin but he himself entered the ring. He said Roman Reigns is scared to face Corbin, no one is winning the Rumble but the king, meanwhile Roman Reigns took the mic and said Reigns isn't scared of Corbin. He wants to beat Corbin's ass twice in one night. Roman said he firs win the Royal Rumble and point the light of Wrestlemania but before that he would like to go one-on-one with King Corbin then Corbin can watch Reigns celebrate his big win. King Corbin accepted the challenge but he said that Roman won't have his family with him, King Corbin pointed The usos as two b...hes of dog.

Tag-Team match

The Usos Vs King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler

The main event began with Dolph Ziggler and jey in the ring to kick off the match Jey had his hit connection on Dolph Ziggler, soon Dolph made the tag with King Corbin who came with a flow to knee down Jey on the ring, Jey somehow got the connection to hit King Corbin which forced Corbin to get out of the ring, both were set again in the ring, Jey made the tag with jimmy Uso who went to hurt King Corbin and later he went top of the ring but he was interrupted by The Rival who dropped jimmy down to the ground, The Rival went up where they were caught by Roman Reigns with a huge superman punch on both of them, The match kicked off once again with the safety from Roman Reigns, but you can't watch something happening without interruption when The situation is made to worse, within a little time Roman and King Corbin started to have brawl, Roman Reigns Launched the huge Spear on King Corbin which was resulted in a disqualification, Roman Reigns prepared to drop Cobin on the commantray box but suddenly he was attacked by Robert Rood who were out to WWE for a few days, Robert Rood had his hand on Roman Reigns when he was joined by King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler who also beat down The Usos out of the ring, Robert Roode picked elbown breaking on Roman Reigns to send him on Commantrary box and that's how the show went off the air.

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