WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results, March 27, 2020: Highlights, Winners, Live Coverage, Asuka Takes On Alexa Bliss,

Anfostar Team Sat Mar 28, 2020
WWE Friday Night SmackDown Live Results, March 27, 2020: Highlights, Winners, Live Coverage, Asuka Takes On Alexa Bliss,

This week's Friday Night SmackDown witnesses a Singles Match between Alexa Bliss who stacked her challenge for Asuka on past Friday Night SmackDown. Nakamura takes on Drew Gulak, the stipulation is made that if, Drew wins then Sami Zyan will be defending his title against Daniel Bryan and Smai at WrestleMania.

We also look to see a Tag-Team match between The New Day and The Usos. The winner of the match will get a SmackDown Tag-Team title shot against The Miz & Morrison at WrestleMania. Bray Wyatt opens the door to The Firefly Fun House.

The episode takes place from WWE Performance Center on March 27, 2020, due to Coronavirus Pandemic. Although it will be a match with no live audience as the rest of them, it has to go on to make WrestleMania full-filled.

Pre-decieded schedule

Singles Match

Drew Gulak Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Singles Match

Asuka Vs. Alexa Bliss

Tag-Team Match

The New Day Vs. The Usos

The Show Begains Here

Here we go!!!

WrestleMania begins a week from tonight. Asuka will be getting her hands-on Alexa.

It was The Boss Time to kick of the Friday Night SMackDown, accompanied by her friend Bayley. Bayley and Sasha entered the ring. Bayley took the mic and said a week's from now it will be the night of nights when see WrestleMania getting just bigger with two nights.

Sasha Banks said life can change and a dream can come. This time WrestleMania is just too big for just one night Bayley said Paige is actually jealous of her that how she put her into a five-pack elimination match is only one of me defending the title. She said Paige is jealous seeing me that how dominative she is at defending her title.

Meanwhile they both were interrupted by Lacey Evans in the ring. She heads towards the ring and said a week's from now Sasha Banks will not be able to speak up about daughter because she will Break her jaw with women's right. She was interrupted by Naomi. Later, we saw Tamina coming out in the ring. She said actions speak louder then they do and kicked out Naomi and Lacey Evans with the massive hand of her. Bayley and Sasha Banks escaped from there.

Singles Match

Drew Gulak Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

We were back in the ring with Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak whereby they were followed by Nakamura, Cesaro and Sami. The bail rand and Nakamura held the lock with Drew. Nakamura with the couple of knees on drew Gulak. Drew gets back in the action and blew off some kicks on Nakamura and sent him out.

The referee pointed him not to do so. Drew came down to face Nakamura but he was taken under the advantage when Nakamura hit him through the announce table. Back in the ring, Daniel Bryan looking at the whole thing. Nakamura with a Facebrust to Drew Gulak and went on the top of the ring to take out Drew. Nakamura with the cover but Drew kicked out. Nakamura got prepared for his move but Daniel made failed by dragging Drew from the ring. Drew took the advantage and rolled up Nakamura for the pin to win the match.

Winner : Drew Gulak, victory followed by pinfall

We had a memory from last week's SmackDown when how Otis destructed The Miz and John Morrison.

Dolph Ziggler was backstage having to do with his phone. Suddenly, we saw Otis coming out in complete rage. But the referees and Tucker stopped him from doing so. Meanwhile, they both decided to have their match at WrestleMania 36 so the world can watch them.

We were back in the ring with Elias, Baron Corbin suddenly came and attacked Elias while he was singing a song high above the announce table. Baron Corbin sent him down. The referees came across to take out Elias from there.

Michole Cole was over there to say that what we saw earlier Baron Corbin attacking Elias. After the destruction, Elias was taken to a local medical facility.

Singles Match

Asuka Vs. Alexa Bliss

We right in the ring with Asuka to pick her match with Alexa Bliss. She was followed by Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss in the ring. The bail rang and they both had a trash talk at the middle of the ring. Asuka god her from the back but Alexa Bliss broke it down and took her hands but nothing effected on Asuka. Alexa Bliss was in the action and she kicked Asuka out of the ring. Nikki was there on the announce table taking her enjoyment on the continue. Asuka claimed at the edge of the ring and had a trash talk with Alexa. But she was taken down again by Alexa Bliss, she went down and tried to hit Asuka but she instead sent through the steel chair. Asuka now dancing in front of Nikki Cross.

After, the break we sighted Asuka holding Alexa with her right hand. Asuka hitting hard on Alexa. Asuka went to blew up Aleza was instead got dashed down at the top of the ring edge. It looked that Asuka had her left hand injured. Alexa took the advantage by sending him through the ring post. Finally, Alexa Bliss had DDT on Asuka to win the match.

Winner : Alexa Bliss, victory followed by pinfall

We had the eyes on a Roman Reing's greatest ever match with Triple H at WrestleMania 32. Where Triple H put his championship on the line against Roman Reigns.

We were back in the ring with Triple H having the answers of Cole, Triple H said Roman Reigns Vs. Goldberg will be the special night of the WrestleMania 36. Because he as seen both competitors in the ring how they fight. Triple H said he is ready to put all of his money Roman Reigns is in the ring.

The New Day Vs. The Usos will be next for the chance at SmackDown Tag-Team Championship at WrestleMania against The Miz and Morrison.

A new Firefly Fun House was NEXT on SmackDown!

Bray Wyatt had some short of jokes on John Cena as you can see below in the tweets. Meanwhile, He challenged John Cena for a Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania.

The Miz and Morrison were in the ring to sit down at commentary box to watch The Usos Vs. The New Day.

Tag-Team Match

The New Day Vs. The Usos

The New Day were the first to enter the ring to face The Usos. After a time The Usos came out in the ring. The Miz and Morrison were at Commentary having some short of jokes. The Usos walked down to the ring. The Bail rang. Usos and Kofi Kingston started the things off. Kofi Kingstone took the charge at the beginning of the match. Kofi Kingstone with some hits to send him out of the ring. Kofi Kingston had the tag with Big-E who made his hard-hitting on Uso. Big-E let Kofi come inside the ring with the tag. This time The Usos were on fire in handling Kofi Kingston. Somehow, Kofi was fine to tag with Big-E. The Usos re-grouped to bring the destruction on Big-E. It went for a while as Big-E lead the charge, landing a big leg on Jimmy at the edge of the ring.

After, the break The Usos launched Dubble DDT on Big-E. Usos were in complete control. Jimmy went for the Low blow at Big-E from the ring post. Jimmy Made the instant tag with Jey and another side Big-E had the tag with Kofi. Jey with a submission move on Kofi but broken out by Kofi. Kofi somehow led the match with a tag with Big-E. The Usos worked as the team to apply a Supper kick on Big-E one by one. The cover made but kicked out at two. Big-E was taken out of the ring.

Jimmy Flew at Big-E whereby he was faced by Kofi Kingston. The Miz and Morrison continued to distract Kofi but we saw Kofi pushed The Miz's leg to taken him down. Now, John Morrison entangled with Kofi whereby Jimmy came flying from the top of the rope to take down both of them. Big-E too flew at the whole teams. We saw The Miz and Morrison started taking ravages on The New Day which forced the referee to called out the match.

While they were fighting at the middle of the ring, Cole announced that The Miz and Morrison will not have put their on the line nether against The Usos or The New Day. However, both teams will be in the match against The Miz & Morrison in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for SmackDown Championship.

Winner : The Match was called out for the dismisal as The Miz and Morrison intrupted.

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