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WWE SmackDown | Mandy Rose And Otis Set To Put SmackDown On Love Track Valentine's Day

Updated On: Thu Feb 13, 2020 By Anfostar Team

Image Credit: WWE

Welcome to Anfostar_This time the SmackDown will bring a special Valentine's day date between Mandy Rose and Otis. while the proposal has already been granted by Mandy Rose, they are just day off to make their relation little more genuine. They are just unstoppable in making their love come true.

Following the love affection, Otis put hands a proposal to Mandy for a date followed by last Friday but he got the refusal from Mandy Rose which got him a little crestfallen. Soon after the refusal, she agreed to have a date fixed on next Friday on Valentine's Day which sounded like "cloud nine" for him.

We saw how Otis saved Mandy Rose form touching the feet at Royal Rumble match. He saved her twice from falling and that's how did not let happen the elimination. Once he also saved her when she was pushed by Alexa Bliss in a tag-team match which showed how affectionate he is for her towards.

Turcker also got involved to share his blessing for both of them. he said @otiswwe is so ready for his big V day date with his @WWE_MandyRose on #Smackdown Once he gets the girl, #heavymachinery is coming for the Gold baby, it’s all that’s left for us and all we ever wanted.

Below are some tweets which curiously excite you to watch Valentine's day special SmackDown episode.

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