WWE SmackDown: Mandy Rose Vs. Sonya Deville Full Recap

Jitendra Jangir Sat May 09, 2020
WWE SmackDown: Mandy Rose Vs. Sonya Deville Full Recap
Sonya Deville defeated Mandy Rose In a Singles action tonight on Friday Night SmackDown.

We kicked the things off with Mandy Rose and Otis backstage. Mandy Rose was preparing for her upcoming match with Sonya Deville. Later, the camera turned towards Sonya Deville who was also all set.

We were back in the ring with both competitors. The Bail rang and suddenly, Mandy Rose with knee strick on Sonya and rough shots at the edge of the ring. Sonya charges with a straight on Mandy's face, Mandry dragged herself through the rope.

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It was hard for her to get up. Sonya grabbed Mandy in her grip. Mandy breaks the lock and tried to hit Sonya but she again went down. Mandy Rose charges Sonya with a massive Close line in the middle of the ring.

Mandy took Deville out of the ring and rode her through the steel stairs as well as announce table. Mandy sent Sonya through the announce table. She grabbed to get her back into the ring. Mandy prepared for her move but Sonya retreated with roll to win the match.

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