WWE SmackDown Mar 13, 2020 | Daniel Bryan defeats Cesaro

Anfostar Team Sat Mar 14, 2020
WWE SmackDown Mar 13, 2020 | Daniel Bryan defeats Cesaro
Daniel Brayan with Drew Gulak entered the ring, Gulak tried to raise up a Yes moment but he was denied by Daniel by mentioning at the crowed.

Triple H was right there who had a camera in his hands.

Cesaro, Intercontinental Champion and Nakamura came by the ring, Sami joined Cole and Triple H from the announce table.

The Bail rang and the match got a kick-off, Cesaro was taking the control in the match. Back from the break, we saw Daniel Brayan taking hold on Daniel with Upper Cutts that he put during the commercial break, Daniel classed Cesaro with an Upper hand on Cesaro, he went for the cover but he kicked out at two. Cesaro with his move on Daniel for the pin but Daniel broke it off at two.

They both went for the exchange rolling-up and finally, Daniel captured Cesaro for the pin to win the match.

Winner : Daniel Brayan, victory followed by pinfall

After the match Nakamura came in the ring to take out Daniel, Drew Gualak made his way in the ring to bring a defence for Daniel, he fought off until he was taken out with a big Buster to steel stair. Daniel helped to make them flee from there.

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