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WWE SmackDown: Naomi and Carmella Battle For SmackDown Women’s Title Chance Against Bayley At WWE Super ShowDown

Updated On: Thu Feb 20, 2020 By Anfostar Team

Image Credit: WWE

Welcome to Anfostar_Last week Bayley and Carmella set to face to face for SmackDown Women's Championship match. Bayley walked out as victorious in the match but instantly she was followed by the hard-hitting from Naomi and Carmella.

We saw After the match Bayley attacked Carmella from behind with her move but the instant she was followed by Naomi in the ring and they both talked trash in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, Carmella pushed Bayley from behind and Naomi had her massive Superkcik on Bayley to completely maker her down. Naomi and Carmell stood tall in the middle of the ring.

The time swiped and we observed that Bayley was backstage who said she is ready to defend her title at Supershowdown against anyone because she does not care about it and she will defeat each and everyone who steps up to my title.

Later we saw Carmella was backstage demanding a rematch with Bayley at any time. She promises to WWE that she is going to be the next SmackDown Women's Champion.

Naomi was not back to take her title shot when she also wished to make her title match with Bayley. She said You know why Bayley doesn't want to face me? Because she knows that the GLOW is real and that I am the NEXT SmackDown Women's Champion.PERIOD.".

Right after the demands We had the announcement later that Bayley will defend her title at Super Showdown. Next week we would get to see a singles match between Naomi and Carmella, the No. 1 contender will face Bayley at Super Showdown.

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