WWE SmackDown News | Bray Wyatt Returns To SmackDown With Firefly Fun House

Anfostar Team Fri Feb 07, 2020
WWE SmackDown News | Bray Wyatt Returns To SmackDown With Firefly Fun House
Welcome to Anfostar_ Firefly Fun House is coming back to the SmackDown on the big screen after he walked out as victorious in Strap math at Royal Rumble by defeating Daniel Bryan. Royal Rumble was a compete for the sight of desolation for Daniel Bryan as The Fiend delivered a series of low blows and strikes with the strap. Following the match, Daniel Bryan underwent a log wound on his back as it was showcased in a backstage clip.

"The Fiend" has always got something special when he happens to be with Firefly Fun House. There is no confession that The Fiend will clash his look in the ring but he is bringing The weird world of Bray Wyatt on the display with "Firefly Fun House" will The Universal Champion have something to announce.

"The Fiend" has been unstoppable with anyone in the ring, especially with Daniel Bryan whose rivalry is not seeking any kind of end sofar and really seems that it will go th distance to make it happen for more long time. Daniel Bryan has got serval Title opportunity one which he got at TLC and fell on the step of fail. Recently, he got to have a title match With Bray Wtatt which he too lost. Let's see who will he bring to the photo frame as does the same.

Daniel is also coming to address the ring, which makes the sense that Brya Wyatt may appear on the big screen when comes to address the audience.

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