WWE SmackDown News Dec. 27, 2019 | Braun Strowman shows dance moves with The New Day

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 28, 2019
WWE SmackDown News Dec. 27, 2019 | Braun Strowman shows dance moves with The New Day
Welcome to Anfostar_The year-end edition of Friday Night SmackDown indeed brought about the destruction and a kind of interest to watch. I may title it the Best Episode of the month.

Last Night Braun Strowman emerged in the ring tagging with The New Day against Cesaro, Sami and, Nakamura and The New Day and Braun defeated them with high-blazing action by Strowman But after the match, it was worth watching when Kingston & Big E urged Strowman to disclose the WWE Universe his best dance moves. For the very first Strowman looked that he was going to harm The New Day but finally he showed it and Kingston & Big E as they got those

Let's read recap about what happened

The New Day added the next entry and then Braun Strowman in the ring to battle Tag-Team match against Cesaro, Sami, and, Nakamura. The match kicked off with a bell hearing as we saw Cesaro sent Kofi through the announce table, later both on the apron making a complete dominance on Kofi then made a tag with Nakamura who pinned him with a hand lock.

Crowd cheered for Kofi to uprise him to make a tag but failed to do it but got another opportunity when Nakamura went to kick Big E out in the ring and he instantly tried for a tag with Braun but did not make instead they three of them were kicked out of the ring, later Kofi and Nakamura were in the ring meanwhile he tagged with Braun Strowman which fired up everything as he instantly pilled up everyone with the power he possesses within. Sami ran away from Braun when he was after him and was taken to the advantage for Nakamura as he kicked Braun to lay down out of the ring. After this happenings Braun was in the ring to lift Nakamura, meanwhile, Kofi lunched superkick on Nakamura and left it on Strowman who launched Powerbomb to win the match.

After the match stood tall to celebrate their victory but that was not enough for The New Day as Kofi put the mic to urge Braun to dance like then as they do, on seeing this matter Braun pushed bot of them towards the each side of the ring with soft hand, it looked that he was going to beat them but all set he started dancing with The New Day and that's they went down to their way out of the Arean.

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