WWE SmackDown News Dec. 27, 2019 | Bray Wyatt to face Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble

Anfostar Team Sun Dec 29, 2019
WWE SmackDown News Dec. 27, 2019 | Bray Wyatt to face Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble
Welcome to Anfostar_Last Night Daniel claimed to the no. 1 contender to challenge The Fiend for the Universal Title at Royal Rumble 2020. Nothing came out to be easy to win the match as match was replaced twice due to attack from Roman Reigns.

Have a look on what happened last night

All three contenders were in the ring to win the match, Daniel and Miz worked together to beatdown the king, The Miz went to harm Daniel by pushing him away meanwhile The king pushed Daniel and Miz out of the ring and he sent Daniel through the announce table, Miz grabbed Baron to hit and again they both attacked on Baron as a unite. Daniel climbed on the top raw to dash down Corbin, later Miz went for a submission by pinning Corbin but disrupted by Daniel as he made a high jump.

Daniel Bryan launched a knee breaker on Corbin and immediately tried to go for the cover but who the hell came down. It was none-other then Dolph who launched superkick on Daniel and let Corbin to cover 1, 2,...he was dragged but who did it oh my god !! it was The Big Dog who crushed Dolph and king one by one and sent Corbin out of the Arean which enabled Corbin to fight back for the match and later it turned out to be a Singles match.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz geared up to make their way up to fight with Bray Wyatt at Royal Rumble for Universal Title. It was more like a revengeful match then for the title. It was full of hard-hitting as they both went for superkicks on the chest one by one. Daniel eventually went on the top of the raw to jump on the Miz but it was broken into pain for Daniel as The Miz moved away to let Daniel fall with a fail touch.

The Miz launched a sweep Facebuster and went for the cover but kicked it out, without making a delay The pinned Daniel for the submission but it was not so easier for him to win as Daniel tuned to be the attacker and instead pinned The Miz for submission to win the match by making him compelled to lose the match.

After the match, Daniel stood in the ring by creating Yes moment but he then was interrupted by Wyatt who appeared on the screen to say congrats to Daniel for instant and said Bryan is about to have so much fun but he isn't sure if "he is done with Bryan" because he (The Fiend) does not forget. He further said if you are willing to do what it takes then let him in!! and thus the Friday Night SmackDown got an ending with this.

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