WWE SmackDown News | King Corbin interrupts The Miz and Daniel Bryan

Anfostar Team Sat Dec 21, 2019
WWE SmackDown News | King Corbin interrupts The Miz and Daniel Bryan
Last night it was a title settling match for The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and King Corbin. The enrage took a kick when King Corbin suddenly entered the ring when Daniel and The Miz were having a dialogue in the ring.

Let's get back with the full story what happened Last Night

As the smackDown kicked off with Daniel walking down to the ring and took the mic to address the Audience about last week what happened with him, people asked me. he said he's not sure where he went a few weeks ago, but he felt The Fiend rip out his beard and his hair. When he came to and he got cleaned up, he looked in the mirror and didn't notice the beard or the hair missing, he noticed the Daniel Bryan brand missing. It was gone and for some reason, it didn't feel lacking.

When I went to my home then my daughter saw me without beard and hair which turned her into surprise and started crying because she did not recognize me but I recognize, and the fact is, I came at TLC and kicked Wyatt's ass. he then called to have an instant match with him but The Miz came instead. He said Wyatt harmed him and his family.

TLC was about protecting his family, something Wyatt will never have. Meanwhile, King Corbin appeared in the ring and Corbin taunted Bryan and says his daughter was scared because he looks like Baby Yoda.!! He further went on to say that "you two not only fail to prove as a wrestler but also as a father". Daniel and The Miz headed to beat down King but back attacked by Dolph Ziggler.

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