WWE SmackDown News | Lacey Evans & Naomi Join The Force For Rematch Against Bayley & Sasha Banks

Anfostar Team Wed Mar 04, 2020
WWE SmackDown News | Lacey Evans & Naomi Join The Force For Rematch Against Bayley & Sasha Banks
Welcome to Anfostar_Last week Sasha Banks’ interference and Lacey Evans’ return set the stage for a tag team collision of elite SmackDown Superstars, now they will be in a rematch on this Friday Night SmackDown to settle some newly-boiled blood.

Bayley, who defended her championship against Naomi was in the ring last week on SmackDown, where she was followed by Naomi for a one-on-one. The bail rang and Naomi rushed towards Bayley but she stopped saying that she is not her to pick the fight with Naomi she been here for someone special, then she went on to introduce Sasha Banks as she made her appearance after a long time.

During the match Shasha Banks and Bayley teamed up to beat down Naomi but whereby she had the back from Lacey Evans who came by the ring taking down Bayley and Banks, later it was announced that they will be in tag-team action.

At the end of the result, Lacey Evans and Naomi got out to be victorious, potentially showing their conception to erect a troop against their rivals.

This Friday Lacey Evans & Naomi team up for a rematch against Bayley & Sasha Banks as it was first announced on WWE's The Bump. Now two good friends will settle their score with two newly fetched friends

Bayley is all about being dominative with her title as she defeated Lacey Evans and then Noami at Super ShowDown, now she got the back from her best friend's return to SmackDown. Talking about the newly forged tag-team consisting of Lacey Evans and Naomi have not been less than both of them when they have shown their streak by defeated The Boss and Bayley.

Will Team Blue soon have a pair of new role models? or they continue to stay on their place.

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