WWE SmackDown News | Match Preview and Prediction (December 6, 2019)

Anfostar Team Fri Dec 06, 2019
WWE SmackDown News | Match Preview and Prediction (December 6, 2019)
WWE has announced another match between Roman Reigns and Dolf Ziggler on this Friday Night Smackdown. The rivalry between King Corbin and Roman continues to have a massive kick on the showdown. Prior to the last Week's feud On SmackDown where King Corbin evaded the challenge from Roman and summoned Robert Roode to face Reigns, where Roman continued to strike over Rood even after winning the match.

Now Dolph Ziggler is next up to do the King’s obedience in the ongoing rivalry with Roman Reigns. It's all about dominating the brand supremacy of Smackdown which is going up for Roman not to come back as we have known that Smackdown is going to show King Corbin who has vows to humiliate Roman Rings. So it will additionally, be specific to watch Smackdown seeing the situation of what Corbin has to say about Roman.

Let's predict here....will Roman send the competitor(Dolf Ziggler) on a less than glorious stretcher ride out of the arena as he did with Rood for the same Token? Or he brings the victory in Corbin's court.

Stay through to us to get more information.

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